Berlin by Night

Arty and the Circus Berlin

I’ve had a couple hours to think about tonight. I may have doomed my entire group of friends. My whining about my sire, my insistance that I might be killed if I disobeyed him, has pushed Kord and the others into my mess.

I have no real proof my sire would kill me, but I do feel it was possible.Is it true I let them think this was fact to benifit myself? I honestly don’t know anymore. My guilt over thier current situation clouds everything.

I am sure of nothing, outside of Peter’s guilt. He is responsible for the Turks attacking in the East, and he is using us all as scapegoats to cover that fact.

Our little trial will pull notice away from the fact that he is involved and probably responsible for the attacks in the first place.

If any of us lives past tonight, we need to rethink how we do things.

We need to have a clear leader, not to take the heat but one to guide us. We need to adhere to what is best for the group. We need to organize ourselves. We’ve let the elders of this fucking city lead us around by our balls too often.

Fuck sides…we work for our own damn interests.

And Gerak…I’m not sure what to do about him any more. I do not trust him. He has a lot of bridges to repair before I am ready to again.

I have bridges to repair too.

Just don’t know how.


What the hell did Gregor do? I supported the group even when 2 members were clearly trying to manipulate us.

Arty and the Circus Berlin

Sorry not Gregor…Garrett let me edit that..

Arty and the Circus Berlin

And I’m going to say this again Rick, and then it’s done cuz it’s pissing me off. I wasn’t trying to manipulate you or kord or anyone else. What I say out of character is truth. I don’t lie out of character to mislead or manipulate. The truth of the matter is, I haven’t had much time to play my character or to be around my sire in character. That’s my fault but I work. So I don’t have a real idea of what my sire WOULD do if I disobeyed him directly.

This isn’t something I find funny. I felt bad that Jim took me literally. To be honest, I believe my character’s sire WOULD kill me except that Bill is running a game, and would try to find a way to NOT final death me. Outside of that it’s called a figure of speech, one I will be very careful to not use.

I will admit I got something out of it…but let’s remember I didn’t even have to be there, and I got punished for shit I wasn’t even there for.

So think what you want, but try to call me out like that again and it’s not gonna be well revived.

I do apologize for putting Gregor down when I meant Garek…Gregor has been nothing but friendly to Arty, and Arty respects him.

But again, I’m not gonna lie out of character to cover myself. It’s a fucking game. I own what I do and that’s that.

Arty and the Circus Berlin

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