Berlin by Night

Kord's Log

Kord AdventureLog

A limo was sent by to pick me up today. Wish I had some warning, I was going to meet both Princes! I could have slicked my hair back, and got gussied up.
Apparently there is a whole slew of new licks waiting for approval from the Princes. There was one from each clan, except two Brujah, and no Ventrue. The Princes want us to protect some Egyptian bust, from some thieves. There seems to be some possibility they are snake vampires. They gave us a Ventrue advisor(not surprised), and he named Heinrich(Tor.) as our spokesman/leader. We spent the next hour brainstorming, jotting down questions, and equipment requests. Probably mostly for naught, since we haven’t even seen the friggin display yet, but it helped us get to know each other. Perhaps some bonds are even forming. We’ll need it! This crap is going to take teamwork.

Nov. 30, 1992
We were at the Museum for a week and a half, though it seemed longer. Met some important Kindred, and got a small taste of what interaction with them will be like. It went with very few hitches. We are now taking the bust(real or fake) through the subway tunnels into East Berlin, where we will be free from it, and hopefully accepted by the Princes. We must bring it to a succesful conclusion, or die trying. It stinks of politics to me, and I don’t like it.

Dec. 7, 1992
Finally the bust is deliverded to East Berlin. We had to use brawn, as well as subterfuge. Our reward is to be ordered to find stolen artwork(from West), and bring it to the East. No matter our decision, some elders on one side will be pissed. We have stepped in a big pile of politics. On top of all this, our succes with the bust, was lessened by a major rule breakage fighting in the subwasy tunnels.

Dec. 8, 1992
We have caught the security guard responsible for the stolen artwork. He was a pawn. Only time will tell if we can catch the real thiefs. I hope we fail. If not the West elders will be upset with us. I have given my word to bring the artwork to East Berlin(even if we were coerced into doing this), and will stick to it. If we recover it I will do my best to return it to the East.

Dec. 10, 1992
We may have made a mistake making deals the way we did. We are still flailing around trying to recover the Egyptian artwork. Not much success. The last couple of nights my flailng has been some of the most inept yet. We failed at Habibs. We failed with Donnerson. And we failed,( or so it would appear) though not through our own fault, we had some failure with Remy Martin.

Dec 28, 1992
Through sneaking, prying, and a juicy handout of info. we were able to capture Habib. There was a brief fight at the airport. Habib was questioned as well as beat, and had little to tell. We were given permission by Prince Vilhelm to use lethal force if necessary. I gave him 5 minutes to talk or he would die. He called my bluff. I was not bluffing.

Dec. 30, 1993
We took one of Habibs retainers as a source of info. Garrick has fed him twice, so he is very compliant. He has led us to an old war bunker far outside of Berlin. This old abandoned bunker has been the scene of many sacrificail rituals. We have killed the few gaurdians/janitors, as well as finding a very expensive as well as old (sacrificail?) dagger.

Jan. 16, 1993
A little time for some personel matters. The coterie did not get together much. As a side note, the dagger we uncovered in the bunker is thought to be magical. Garrick has tested the dagger on some innocent people. How much better than the original usage is this? Moron.

Feb. 10-13, 1993
Rasputin has asked us to help the Nossies. We captured a pair of combatants in the subway tunnels for him. Apparently they have been screwing with his clan. He is happy and says his clan would be happy to help us in the future.

We met with Timor. The two we captured for Rasputin were Timors men. He is unhappy with us. We must help with Turkish gang activity to attempt to make ammends.

Helping elders seems to get us in trouble. At the very best it seems to be a two edged sword. We are all bleeding badly.

Feb. 14-15, 1993We have followed some high ranking Turk gang members. Or rather attempted. If I was not involved it would be comical. Somehow we stumbled and bumbled our way to save Stefans retainer Baur from an assaination attemp by said gang members. Stefan is happy with us.

Feb. 16, 1993
I need a drink. attempting to do something about the Turk gang and talk Garrick out of his impulsive actions has been very trying. As a coterie our actions affect each other. I used to think Garrick didn’ understand this. I now feel he does not care.

We captured a high ranking gang memeber. It makes me feellike I am being pulled several ways. I gave my word to Timor, and would like to stand by it. But Garrick has told all to Peter Kleist, and this is going on in the West, so to get access to this area he mustbe brought to him. Arty has said several times failure would mean his death by Timor. I can’t have that. I didn’t see a way out until I was told the West only needed blood. Whew! A comprimise! Timor got the bodies, Peter got the blood.

As I write we are now awaiting judgement from Prince Vilhelm and the primgen. I had recieved incorrect information. There was no cxomprimise. Both sides wanted the bodies, and Artys life was not at stake. This is the deepest we have been in it. The West is VERY upset with us. I have been misled often these last few nights, and largely because of it may not survive.

Make it a double.

Feb 20, 1993
Our punishment from the Primogen of the West was fair, and possibly even life saving. Each of us must serve a Primogen member for one year. I was stuck with the Brujah Dieter. This primogen meeting was my first time speaking to him. Not sure what to expect. A fucking Brujah? Hope I don’t get dragged to one of these raves I’ve heard of. Too much potential for violence and frenzies. At least it was not Maxwell.
After meeting with Dieter, it seems as if my responsibilities will fall under servent or security guard. There was a whole list of shit to do. Fuck! At least I’m not serving Maxwell!

November 19, 1993
We were on temporary release from our servitude with our respective elders. This I believe was with a little nudging from Prince Vilhelm. The reason for this mini vaca? To find my sire Lentz, who has disapeared apparently somewhere in Lubars district.

November 21, 1993
After searching, and asking questions, dealing with a fallen priest, fighting some type of demon(?) monster, we have recovered my sire. He is in torpor, but luckily not dead.



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