Berlin by Night

They want to see a true Brujah?

Maxwell. Mother fucker!

I’m asked a question, I answer honestly, and am then ridiculed for it.

Maxwell threatened me with the wrath of the Tremere clan should I “rattle” the masqurade. Me? I wasn’t even there during the incidents they were so fucking concerned about! So upset they can’t even get their facts fucking straight.

And Nichole accuses me of being disrespectful of Wilhelm! One of the few Kindred outside my group I DO respect. She doesn’t know what disrespect is yet.

Ozzie White? Crazy fucking Malkavian. Let him come to the East and speak that way. Laugh at me? Fuck you Ozzie. “60 to 70 Kindered must possess that number.” (mocking tone) Kidred Ozzie, not mortals. So fuck you for being so insane you can’t see your own hand in front of your face cuz you think it’s a fucking lollie pop!

Cut off before I had a chance to make my case, shut down because Peter is pissed and wants to use us to cover up his shit storm. They used us and tossed us aside like a greasy condom.

“clandestine manner?”

Fucking Garek told Peter EVERYTHING! Holy shit! We sought help from Erica and were given shit to eat. We are the ones operating in a clandestine manner?

Certain East Berlin Kindred? Fuck you.

At least I pissed off the elders a little. I would love for more than one of them to find them selves in my scope…but I have to be smarter than that and not let my anger get the better of me.

Dieter is the only one I can say I didn’t have a beef with. I like him in fact.

Sigh…if only Erica wasn’t his child.

On the up side I am servitude to a hot elder. I’m sure she is going to fuck me over…but maybe I can fuck her over a bench, and a couch, and a stove, and well you get the idea.



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