FULL DISCLOSURE - Malkavian Plot Devices

Malkavian Plot Devices:
Beauregard Krueller – Heckler

Generation: 11th
Sire: Mary Blake
Dem: jester, Nature: jester

- With Bloodfeud two steps bound to him, Heckler is really the only one who can control Fritz when he is let free; Heckler will sometimes permit Ozzie or other Malkav elders take Bloodfeud for “a walk.”
- Heckler has the look of a bum and he can often be seen on or near the campuses of city universities pan-handling and mocking those who do not give money.
- Heckler hosts a show on a talk radio station Saturday nights from midnight to 4 AM with his sidekick Fritz; the show is called The Saturday Night Oblivion. He pokes fun at various public figures, but saves his most unmerciful heckling and badgering for his callers. He also pranks famous people, calling them late at night with mock-emergencies or ridicule. The show is growing in popularity.
- Sometimes he and Fritz make appearances at parties or clubs, Heckler dressed casually and Fritz wrapped in a straight jacket with leash and spiked collar.

Generation: 12th
Sire: Heckler
Dem: deviant, Nature: deviant

- Bloodfeud is usually kept in a special lockdown area in one of the local mental institutions. He is brought out occasionally by Heckler, Ozzie or the Malkavian elder during a given month. Hermann Goring is interested in moving Bloodfeud permanently to his hunting lodge.

Gretchen Pfeffer – The Guttersnipe
Generation: 10
Sire: Mary Blake
Dem: child, Nature: fanatic

- Sired in 1990, Gretchen was abducted and brought to a horrible cold warehouse and tormented for three nights straight by Mary before she was slain and embraced. While locked in a meat locker in this warehouse she found her dead father’s police badge amongst the rubble. She held onto the badge throughout her torment and now thinks it provided her the strength to “live” through her ordeal.
- Gretchen wants to put her father to rest and bring his killer to justice, unfortunately she remembers so little about the days before her father’s murder and her own embrace.
- Gretchen is not a very good investigator and she is far too naïve and trusting – a prime target for manipulation or worse unless someone decides to take her under their wing. Mary mothers Gretchen but truly does not care what becomes of the girl.
- Baron Unterbrink sees promise in young Gretchen and believes that, with his guidance, the girl could become a valuable addition to his criminal enterprises. He has started trying to win her over, but she gets a bad vibe from him. She finds Stefan very handsome and could easily be manipulated by the brujah.
- Gretchen fears Nosferatu, sometimes fleeing rooms when one of them enters without obfuscation.
- Derangement: Power-object fixation (father’s badge)
- Police investigator father has been tracking down the “Chainsaw Killer” and he ended up one of the killer’s victims. She has taken up his search and has vowed to kill whoever killed her mortal father, not knowing it was her sire.
- Gretchen is trying to learn more of her father’s death, but since that murder and most of the chainsaw killer’s victims have been in East Berlin, she is unable to do this as Gustav will not permit her into his portion of the city.

Hermann Goring
Generation: 8th
Sire: Malkavian coterie (Ozzy)
Dem: martyr, Nature: autocrat
Haven: The Devil’s Mound

- Goring is bloodbound to and serves the settite Nefertiti who lies in torpor within the devil’s mound. He is unaware of this and believes he acts on his own accord.
- Goring has millions worth in looted art work from WWII, a collection he guards jealousy.
- Goring is determined to recruit Acer to his way of thinking and may send his childe into the scourge’s path to arrange a meeting.
- Goring is eager to gain influence/control of primogen members from both sides, so far Dieter shares with him quite freely, but he is seeking someone in the east.
- Goring is aware that he holds a powerful elder in Torpor beneath Devil’s Mound, but he does not yet know the amount of influence he would hold over the Nosferatu clan if Ellison learned his sire was in Goring’s possession. Despite being in torpor Melitta’s obfuscate remains in-tact and she looks like an ideal Aryan heroine. Feeling the compulsion to wake soon, Melitta is learning of the city’s situation through Goring’s mind. She has been able to subtly shift him away from doing the Setite’s bidding on more than one occasion.
- While Hermann keeps it pretty quiet, he secretly believes that he is the rightful undead ruler of Berlin and he is biding his time before claiming the city and securing the Germanic fate that Adolf had intended for the capitol city.
- Hermann is currently trying to let other kindred know that there is another choice. A third power or reich the kindred can turn to for control and leadership of the city. Generally his reminders come in the form of dominated subjects paying day-time visits.
- Dieter Kotlar and Erika Geiger are openly in awe of Hermann and he purposefully spends little time in their presence in order to keep them distant and fascinated.
- Hermann’s first step toward power is gaining a seat on one of the primogens.

Mary (The Mad Chainsaw Mamma) Blake
Generation: 9
Sire: Baby Face Grace
Dem: Care Giver, Nature: Monster

- Connections with homeless who adore her. She sponsors food kitchens and shelters and is often on hand personally to dish out soup or hand out blankets. She often asks kindred for contributions. “The Blake House” is a large shelter in the Kreuzberg district.
- Mary is a kind, caring, motherly woman and will do anything to protect those she sees as her children (the homeless). She has taken to dominating people of sufficient means and greed, setting them on a killing spree armed with drugs and a chainsaw. She has them target the homeless in hopes that the massacred bodies will bring sympathy to her children and increase awareness to their plight. If her chainsaw murderer is ever caught she will create two double copy-cats to replace him.
- Mary recently killed a police investigator who was looking into her chainsaw killer in Kreuzberg, his body was never discovered though he was pronounced dead. Because this policeman shot her several times Mary tormented and embraced the man’s daughter – Gretchen has blocked out most of the memories of her abduction and embrace and she now sees Mary as a real mother-figure.
- Derangement: Psychotic

Oswald White/Aytac (The Turk)/Hans Beckert
Generation: 7th
Sire: Mr. Hyde
Dem: Jester; Nature: Architect/Bravo

- Ozzie has a file on every kindred in the city and will eventually get around to the coterie to learn information on them. He wants to know of their past, but is also interested in things such as havens, contacts and vampiric alliances.
- Ozzie has started an information gathering network of his own and is openly competing with the Nosferatu in this.
- A secret war is being waged for control of Ozzie, Nefertiti currently holds sway over the Malkav, Ozzie but Johann and Ankla Hotep are working together to gain sway over his other personalities. Thus far Ankla Hotep has a measure of control over Beckert and Johann’s influence over Aytak is slowly growing.
- Notes: Controlling the 36 Boys, a Turkish Street gang in Kreuzberg/Serial Killer, though outwardly a friendly gentleman who abhors violence.
- As Hans Beckert – Serial killer. Round, unassuming man, wide eyes, usually wears common brown suits and a brown hat. Beckert is known to whistle Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King.
As Aytac the Turk – Overlord of the city’s largest Turkish gang, the 36 Boys. Beckert’s murder spree has stepped up the police activities in Kreuzberg putting a severe damper on the Boys’ criminal activities. For this reason Aytac has made it a point to find the murderer and get him off the streets. The gang has between 300 and 400 members and the heart of its turf is the Tower Blocks of the Kotbusser Tor in Kreuzberg. They have a heated turf war going on with the gang Reich-Krieg based out of Wedding.
Aytac Appearance: An older white haired Turkish man, his hair is short and tight to his skull. He dresses well, finely tailored business suits but he always has accessories that are urban in nature or of his homeland. He often sports diamond studs in each ear.

Persia – The Beautiful Statue
Generation: 10th
Sire: Thaddeus
Dem: child, Nature: child
Haven: Ancestral mansion in Charlottenberg (Cherry Rowe)

- The Toreador adore Persia, as she is like a beautiful little doll, a wonderful ornament and conversation piece for any party. They simply send the clothing they would like to see her in and leave it to Emily to get the little dollie made up and dressed for the engagement, the Toreador usually see to providing an escort for these parties. On occasion the young squires will bring the lady home and might even take advantage of her innocence, but those usually end up drugged by Emily and become permanent residences at Cherry Rowe.
- Backgrounds: Resources 5, Retainers 1 (Emily – part house-keeper, part lady’s maid; Emily is also a bloody murderer by necessity, forced to keep humans chained in Persia’s mansion so she can feed the child), herd 2 (captives in her cellar)
- Trespassers at Cherry Rowe who do not oblige Emily’s hospitality can expect harassment from other Malkavians. Emily provides lodging to any others of the clan in the mansion, but should any take advantage of Persia’s hospitality or over-stay their welcome the clan, particularly, Ozzy will see to it that they make themselves scarce. Hermann Goring is forbidden from entering Cherry Rowe.

Unterbrink – Zinn, Lord, Baron, Herr, Doktor, Professor
Generation: 11
Sire: Sir George Von Huber
Clan: Serpent of the Light
Dem: Pedagogue, Nature: conniver

- Became tight with Stefan Rutigar after Stefan took interest in criminal enterprises in East Berlin. The two started working together, with Unterbrink taking a hand’s on role.
- Unterbrink began taking in young runaways, he is quietly teaching them the art of pickpocketing and burglary.
- Without anyone’s knowledge, Unterbrink has ghouled three of these street-waifs. These three were the most talented of criminals.
- Unterbrink has recently gone missing, he has not been seen in nearly a month and all manner of speculations are going on as to where he is.
- Unterbrink is, in truth a Serpent of the Light and a member of the sabatt, he plays the know-it-all lunatic so well, however that none seem to suspect the truth of his heritage.
- Loves manipulating the masses and has several small cults, communes and combines where he has started fires within others and made them believe as he wishes. Many of these people would willingly die for him.
- Derangements: Feigns delusions of grandeur (believes he is the most competent at anything that comes up)

FULL DISCLOSURE - Malkavian Plot Devices

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