FULL DISCLOSURE - Toreador Plot Devices

Toreador Plot devices:

Generation: 8
Sire: Jacques
Dem: Nature:

- Anntoinette operates under the assumption that Hermann Goring still has a great deal of lost art works in his possession and she is very active in trying to retrieve them.
- Architecture is Anntoinette’s passion du jour. For some reason she has developed a love for the nuances of this art and has taken to studying and including architecture in her films. She is slowly gaining influence in the city’s finer architecture firms and is keeping tabs on up and coming students with talent in this art. Unbeknownst to her, this is Johann’s subtle influence over Anntoinette – as much of the city (particularly in the east) requires rebuilding, from torpor Johann is wielding his influence with his clan to make sure that the future image/sky-line of Berlin is to his liking and is suitable for a city of Berlin’s global status.
Hans Vroenick

Hans has a great deal of influence in Berlin’s growing music scene and he is one of the few Toreador respected and looked up to by the entirety of the clan; unfortunately, Hans is too quiet and too loving of Anntoinette to even attempt uniting the clan.
Hans has developed quite a passion for gambling, and rarely does a major event take place that he does not lay some money on, though he keeps this rather vulgar practice to himself.

Scarlet Galahad
Generation: 10
Sire: Jurgen Voss
Dem: Bon-Vivant, Nature: Celebrant

- Raised in Munich but she moved to Berlin as a teen to follow her dream of making it in cabaret. Jurgen spotted her at a small-time theater and recognized her talent. He nurtured her as a lover and patron, and when he was certain her talents were eternal he gifted her with the embrace.
- Scarlet opted to remain in Berlin and continue her career, unable to imagine a life away from the theater. She has developed a large following here in Berlin and her nightly exploits are fodder for tabloids – though she has enough influence with these tabloids to keep things favorable.
- She has been known to date visiting nobles or statesmen, or well known soccer players. Scarlet can make a night club a success simply by showing up on a regular basis. Recently her sire gifted her with secret ownership with a west Berlin beer garden, a gift which she quickly passed on to her childe, as she is not much of a fan of beer halls.
- She was surprised when prince Wilhelm offered her an opportunity to create a childe. With no prospects in mind she sought her sire’s advice and he arranged to have John’s character sent to Berlin as a potential child. She’s not all too concerned if some in the clan do not feel that brewing is an art form.
- Scarlet invests heavily in performing art centers, she has a soft spot for talented children and has, on a few occasions, considered ghouling an adolescent to try to capture the angst and turmoil in the young artist’s life during those years.
- Despite her seeming enthusiasm for eternal life, there is a matronly side of Scarlet that is deeply saddened at never being able to have children of her own or be a mother. This emptiness is becoming an obsession for her, and she often puts on free shows for children, and is even considering siring or ghouling a child to have as her very own – something that neither prince would be pleased to hear.

Lothar Hasenkamp – The Vamp
Generation: 12
Sire: Lacie Mueller
Dem: Deviant, Nature: Rebel

- Lothar is one of the bigger talents to come out of East Berlin after reunification; his band, Revenant, is very popular with both East and West Berlin youth, and lately, as the band matures, they have been getting some attention from serious music producers. As the band threatens go global (or at least continental) Lothar struggles with being under the microscope that fame will bring and he is considering faking his own death.
- Lothar is deeply moved by the drawings and sketching of Thomas DeLutrius and his haven is decorated with some of the darker works by the East Berlin elder. Thomas is amused by Lothar’s fascination with his work and realizes how considerable his control over the young Toreador could be if he chose to exert his influence.
- Antoinette dislikes Lothar, primarily because he speaks so reverently of DeLutrius’ talents. Antoinette has recently taken on a pair of subservient thralls who dote on her guests in classic tuxedos and leather bondage masks. They will do anything to please Antoinette and compete with each other to gain her favor, usually by sinking to greater depths of humiliation. She calls these thralls Thomas and Lothar.
- Lothar knows how important Hans is with the local music scene and he tries to stay on good terms with the Maestro. Despite Antoinette’s dislike of Lothar, Hans finds the lad’s music to be “poignant and promising.” Hans, secretly, has much to do with Revenant’s recent acclaim. He has even considered unearthing some of his old and melancholy violin scores and asking Lothar to put the music to lyrics. Musically or socially, the two make a contrasting pair.
- Lothar, needing pain and loss as inspiration for his song-writing has a habit of subconsciously, seducing women, making them fall in love with him, then painfully driving them away, sometimes even to suicide, which fuels his creative juices.
- At some point Lothar will spot the Malkavian Gretchen and feel a desire to seduce and ruin her in this way.
- Frontman for the local Goth band, Revenant. Popular tunes include: Abandoned Twilight, Surrender Heart, Night of Deceit & The Lady of Screams.
- Feeds off of emotion and he does what he can to be in the center of emotional situations, often bringing others to a catharsis in order to fuel his creativity. Lothar has been known to bring girlfriends to the point of suicide just so the anguish he feels at their deaths can inspire him to create.

FULL DISCLOSURE - Toreador Plot Devices

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