FULL DISCLOSURE - Ventrue Plot Devices

Ventrue Plot Devices

Bruno Glockner (Antitribu)
Generation: 10
Sire: Dame Mikalaena
Dem: Director, Nature: Cavalier

- Primarily stays in the Reinickendorf district where he was given domain over the Brandenburg quarter. In exchange for this he helps the prince keep an eye on the airport.
- Using the poverty and size of the Brandenburg quarter as a place to hide his growing herd and the city’s local sabatt population.
- Has contacted his sabatt allies about moving a full pack into Berlin, with airport access and a helpless populace to cover their presence, it seems a perfect situation for the sect.
- Frank Litzpar has some criminal contacts in the Brandenberg quarter and Bruno has yet to try to dissuade Frank from spending time in his domain. Eventually Frank will be recruited into the sabatt or he will be destroyed.
- Ilona has contacts within Tegel airport and she is on good terms with Bruno, however she can’t understand someone having such access to an airport without taking advantage of it, so she has her people watching Bruno as often as they watch for kindred visitors.
- Bruno is trying to coerce Rochus into spending more time in the area. He feels that of all the city’s Ventrue, Rochus is the most likely to defect to the Sabatt. The fact that both princes use Rochus suggests he has more access to the entire city than most kindred, making him sought after by the sabatt.
- Notes: Bruno’s sabbatt mentor is an Inquisitor who has demanded that Bruno keep tabs on the tainted aura around Lubars. Bruno has enlisted the aid of the gangrel Lentz who makes not only a formidable fighting companion, but also a possible recruit for his sect. Bruno has been in the presence of Werther several times and is suspicious about the Tremere.
- Bruno is not aware of it, but five years ago Karl Shrekt’s archons destroyed his sire and discovered her coded communications with her child. For the last five years Shrekt or Jules have been directing Bruno’s actions under the guise of the antitribu’s sire.
- Feeding preference: lawmen

Franziska (Ziska) Kassmeyer – Financial wizard
Generation: 8
Sire: Otto Vogler (Prince of Bonn)
Dem: Autocrat, Nature: Architect

- The prince of Bonn has charged Franziska with keeping tabs on the power structure in Berlin, he uses his control over her to keep the feud between East and West alive and active.
- Franziska has respect for both princes, but feels that Gustav is too stuck in the old ways and Wilhelm is lacking the firmness and conviction to keep anarchs in line. Franziska feels that a younger Ancilla would be ideal to run the city, and she might consider supporting any who meet this criteria as long as they have what it takes. If no serious contender emerges she would consider taking the reins of the city herself.
- Franziska is currently assisting the Malkavian elder of East Berlin, Hans Beckert (Ozzy), build his finances so he can take over the flow of illegal firearms into the city. Franziska’s opinion of the bully kommissar, Timur, is low enough that she would prefer a Malkav controlling the firearms than Timur.

Ilona Von Rothe – Art dealer, harpy
Generation: 9
Sire: Charice Fontaine
Dem: Praise-seeker, Nature: Avant-Garde

- Ilona has a working relationship with the surly gangrel Lorents; she employs him from time to time to assist her retainers in retrieving art work from lost caches or collecting on debts from supernatural buyers or sellers. She ridicules him to her harpy friends but has a growing respect for the man’s honesty and hopes to secure his loyalty in a more permanent means, such as the blood bond.
- The Toreador play nice with Ilona, knowing that her private collection may rival that of some smaller museums. Most would betray their own sires for a chance at an invite to one of Ilona’s rare parties, while others try to pressure her into donating some of her collection to local museums.
- Will occasionally hire younger kindred to escort valuable art works to ensure they make it from point A to point B.
- Learning of the works stolen from the Egyptian museum, Ilona is very interested in adding them to her private collection and is doing all she can to locate them or black market sellers who have information on them.
- She will use the search for these art works as a means to lay her hands on some other pieces she has been willing to add to her collection, and does not mind using the group to facilitate this. Her attorney will contact the group with information shortly after she learns of the theft.

Charice Fontaitgne
Notes: Charice does what she can to play both sides of the city, hoping that when the smoke settles and there is one prince, she will be a favorite of whoever happens to end up on top.
Charice has just arrived in the city from Paris, but her childe Ilona has been living here for nearly a decade. For now Charice is still taking in the city and determining where she can make a niche for herself. Her first order of business is to get a district for herself.
Feeding Preference: sexual deviants

Ventrue areas of influence
• Mr. Bruno Glockner: Tegel Airport, Reinickendorf District (W. Berlin).
• Questor Charice Fontaigne: Hotels, Casinos, Public transportation.
• Questor Franziska Kassmeyer: German stock exchange, Banks, financial institutions, ICC.
• Prince Gustav: Churches, media, law enforcement, judiciary.
• Eiren Ilona Von Rothe: Buying and selling of art, art festivals, art galleries, art institutions, black market art sales.
• Aediles Katarina Kornfeld: Land sales, real estate, development.
• Eiren Nichole: Prostitutes, escorts, call girls, madams, brothels, pimps.
• Aediles Peter Kleist: Dock/freight workers, labor unions, prisons
• Eiren Rochus Strohkirch: Defense Attorneys, gang contacts, German Bar Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein).
• Prince Wilhelm Walburg: Tourism industries, law enforcement, judicial system, government, West Berlin, Charlottenberg, Wilmersdorf.

- Local or Camarilla Titles:
• Primogen member: Councilor, Senator, councilman, council woman
• District overseer: Burgermeister
• Prince’s right hand: Seneschal

FULL DISCLOSURE - Ventrue Plot Devices

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