Willkommen in Berlin, 1994

“The men of action are, after all, only the unconscious instruments of the men of thought”

- Heinrich Heine

Werewolves are in Berlin; walking the streets, cruising the rack and casing the elysium. At least a couple of them seemed willing to talk, though actions of unaccounted for ghouls, garou plots and investigations were pushed aside by the incidents in Kopenick.

For almost an hour East Berlin found itself without a komissar; Timur Tsarev has passed on, transformed from a bullying sheriff to a lump of ash – and the collective heart of Berlin’s kindred world did not skip a beat. There was some fallout, some casualties as a result, but the flow of the city goes on and the curtain behind which the puppet masters gather will hardly ripple as a result of this little coup.

And now city business must continue, and your task with the ghouls and the werewolves has yet to been finished. Do you violate elysium to get their answers? Do you even think they will provide them? And if they have been straight forward so far… What ancient evil rests within the Schloss Kopenick?

Berlin by Night

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