Berlin by Night

Andrea Suess RA

Death of local attourney ruled suicide
Sept. 13, 1993

Authorities have ruled the death of prominent

Mitte Attourney, Andrea Suess, a suicide. “It is
the case of an obvious overdose,” quoted police
spokesman Dirk Gormann. Gormann further added,
“It’s sad really, a talented, successful and
attractive lady like that… Just goes to show,
drugs do not discriminate – everyone’s a potential
Ms. Suess has been practicing law in Berlin
since 1985; she graduated from Humboldt
University’s School of law in 1982. She has no
surviving family but friends and colleagues say
her absence will be felt in the landscape of the
city’s legal houses.
“She was the kind of lawyer that actually gives
lawyers a good name,” said Mitte judge Helmut Kintz,
“She was never afraid to take on an unpopular case
and never seemed capable of turning down a client
who was truly innocent and truly in need. The client’s
ability to pay was always a secondary concern to Andrea.”



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