Berlin by Night

Fräulein Faust -vs- Nov 18, 1992

The door chime rang. My sire paused then went back to her teachings. Moments later an underling asked permission to enter the room. She waves him over. He hastenly moves to her side and whispers in her ear. I have to giggle inside how they sometimes forget the monsters with immaculate power we are and such things as whispering is a mortal clutch they preserve. I can forgive their forgetfulness as Tremere are refined and exact creatures one tends to forget they are with immortals. The underling scurries away and my sire continues to finish the lesson at hand. She informs me a car is here to transport me to elders within the city. I notice her pause (very hard to pick up) with watchful observant eyes. At that instant I remember lesson one Tremere bow to no clan. I get ready and ask to be pardoned. As I walk away I think I can feel my sire smiling inside (something she has not done for a very long time) as she notices I do not rush, but move with grace and elegance.

As the car reaches the destination I quickly learn that not only will I be meeting elders, but both Princes. As I enter the room with both Princes being present several observations come to pass. First is the lack of formality of meeting Princes without sires present. Secondly this seems like a cloak and dagger child’s type of game. Both of these observations explain to me why the Camarilla is so up in arms by what the hell is going on in this city. Both Princes match exactly what the stereotypes are saying about them. Which begs an even bigger question what the hell is truly going on in Berlin?

Art?? I get the importance of it, but do you really want peoples first day on the job to be something this important if it means that much to you?? Apparently throwing a hog poge of rookies at it raises more questions to me than if somebody actually stole it. Time will tell.

Fräulein Faust vs Leadership
Dec 7, 1992

Who stole this? I want this returned to me no me no me. The back and forth between the two Princes is priceless. I understand this is most likely a pissing match between both of them, but for being such elegant ancient monsters they almost appear as children fighting over toys. This is my mental note as to why the Ventrue lead and the Tremere have no part of it. Why waste countless centuries over pissing matches when you could be harnessing the power of your true potential instead.

So some art was stolen. Looks like the m8’s that did it were pretty well rehearsed and focused for the job at hand. Did a pretty decent job at not leaving any loose ends, but ends are always left loose during a crime you just need to know where to look to find them. Why did they bring so many for such a physically small heist? Why did they select the specific date and time of their choosing? The list can go on forever the important thing is to get answers to all questions and start building the framework of the crime and then apply the puzzle pieces to it. We should determine shortly the size of the framework for this crime.

Fräulein Faust vs Freedom
Jan 18, 1993

Getting the Princes blessing to stay in the city, now that shows me it looks like I am on the right track. Just keep this minor step from going to my head (ego) and continue moving forward still remains to be my plan. Keep remind myself where I fit into the food chain helps keep me in perspective. I do not see the Princes as such children anymore now I am getting a grasp of their workload and level of responsibility to the city. Stay quiet stay small and be lucky to claim small victories wherever I can. I do not think I should shoot for vast victories until I gain the experience on how to handle the little ones. I think back and I truly believe my parents would be happy for me even though they would not understand much of it if any at all. Knowing I honored them before Prince Gustav I think would have meant a lot to them that I took that chance. Now it is just time to see what I can do with myself.

Fräulein Faust vs Thaumaturgy protocol
Jan 22, 1993

Now that one of the “bad guys” has been apprehended the real work starts for the Tremere clan. The blood research on the victim who decided to fuck with the mighty city of BERLIN. We will drill so far back on this offender we will be able to tell who is great grand-sire is. Not to mention all his blood bound pawns will be mapped out for us. I will admit this guy was extremely elusive and it took a lot of different resources that the group was to assemble and put together. In the end we found a way to get it done and we nailed it as close to perfection as possible. I should be able to have the steatites generation so we know what option we have available to us for questioning and either we have if is a thrall to another kindred. This guy proves to be slippery so we have no idea in kindred terms if he is efficient at this or not.



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