East Berlin Primogen coterie chart

East Berlin Primogen

Members: Stefan Rutigar, Hans Beckert, Ellison Humboldt, Thomas DeLutrius, Frederic Werther, Katarina Kornfeld

Stefan (Brujah elder):
- Hans: Worth watching. A well-informed mad man.
- Ellison: Frightening and far too powerful.
- Thomas: Kiss ass.
- Werther: Too many secrets & seems to have Gustav’s respect. A rival.
- Katarina: A silly, pathetic puppet.

Hans (Malkavian elder):
- Stefan: Too young to be anything but a pawn.
- Ellison: Will someday hear him scream. Be wary Hans.
- Thomas: His downfall is only a matter of time. If he had anything worth attaining I would help it along.
- Werther: Quite a useful ally, he knows what a fool Timur is.
- Katarina: Eager for her blood. Must prove her uselessness to prince.

Ellison (Nosferatu elder):
- Stefan: Such ambition merits watching. Perhaps Gregor can keep tabs.
- Hans: Motivated by blood. Makes him very predictable.
- Thomas: Such talent and potential… So thoroughly going to waste.
- Werther: Seemingly more learned and powerful than his years would suggest.
- Katarina: Too old, too well-off and from too prestigious a lineage to be as ignorant as she acts.

Thomas (Toreador elder):
- Stefan: A child who merits watching; a constant schemer.
- Hans: There is a darkness to him that is most compelling. I want in.
- Ellison: A font of depth and mystery shrouded in sadness… Why?
- Werther: Cocky, arrogant and poised for a big fall.
- Katarina: Delightfully naïve, a thorn in Gustav’s side, yet seemingly without enemies save Wilhelm.

Werther (Tremere elder):
- Stefan: Ambition will be his undoing.
- Hans: How much does he know of his other identity? Holds more information than he realizes.
- Ellison: Frighteningly powerful. He must not have the Magische Irbe.
- Thomas: Too self-centered to be a concern. A puppet.
- Katarina: Another puppet – an old and powerful puppet.

Katarina (Ventrue elder):
- Stefan: A few more strings and a fine puppet he shall make.
- Hans: Easily maneuvered or just as easily un-done.
- Ellison: Association with his sire has built up good will. A powerful ally to have.
- Thomas: Will need to be dealt with eventually, I shall rely on Gustav when the time comes.
- Werther: He does not fool everyone; power among the kine and power among the kindred are two vastly different things.

East Berlin Primogen coterie chart

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