FULL DISCLOSURE - Berlin Arcanum

The Tremere apprentice Erzsabet Botkin has learned of the Arcanum’s chapter house and has been keeping tabs on the comings and goings of members. She has a list of almost a dozen names with notes on each member, ready to present to her regent, Maxwell Ldescu. She will gain a great deal of prestige for this.

The local Arcanum has targeted a group of four as associates invited to join. Maxwell will assign a Tremere to watch over each associate in the hopes that one will prove useful in becoming an informant to the Tremere. He will stress caution and subtlety and warn against the use of disciplines or blood to influence these young scholars, it may be a beacon to more learned Arcanum members that there is a supernatural presence involved.
These 4 associates are:
Nahar Khan, a Bengali-German woman who founded a small group of paranormal investigators at Humboldt University.
Wilhelm Barron, a linguist and translator, primarily self-taught. He recently returned from Oxford where he had been enrolled, but he quit on the grounds of boredom.
Paul DeLevie, an engineer and outdoorsman. He has three years of Swiss military training and he came to Berlin to explore the under-city and the rumors of hidden caches of Nazi occult treasures.
Obi Okonkwo, A student from Zaire attending Humboldt University through a scholarship program the school has to assist students in third world countries. Obi seems naturally gifted at math and anything having to do with numbers including codes and combinations.

The associate’s Elder Sister: Albertina Von Wolfach an intrepid and daring explorer/scholar who is well-travelled and well-versed in multiple lores. As a neophyte, Albertina led a team into the heart of the Black forest and returned with a prized garou artifact that is still stored at the chapter house. She also obtained video footage of a human shifting to crinos form and battling a human with extraordinary powers; this tape also is stored at the chapter house.

Chancellor: Head of chapter house

Located: Berlin Zehlendorf district, “The Haveldune,” found in the Villa Colony at Sandwerder 5 in Wasensee.

FULL DISCLOSURE - Berlin Arcanum

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