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The Aset Ka
Aset Ka is an occult Order, based most in Europe, that goes under the name “Kemetic Order of Aset Ka”. It is one of the most influential Kemetic Orders, as well as "Vampiric movements, inside the occult underground in Europe, especially in the Iberian Peninsula.
With its headquarters based in the city of Oporto, Portugal, Aset Ka is known for its traditional approach to Magick and Vampirism, studying a very different variety of occult arts, philosophies, and practices.
It’s traditions are based on Left Hand Path, Black Magic and Dark Occultism, mixing Luciferian and Setian philosophies with Egyptian Magick, practicing Mystical Vampirism, studying Chaos Magic and energy manipulation, as well as different forms of High Magick, Energy Work and rituals, considered highly elite in the wide occult studies spectrum.
Being a Kemetic Order, they trace their roots back to Ancient Egypt, culture where they take many of their philosophical and spiritual works, as well as base magical system, religion and symbols.
The name Aset Ka is transliterated from Ancient Egyptian, and is composed of two different words:
• Aset being the Egyptian name for the Goddess Isis, which is a Greek name for the Egyptian Goddess of Magick and power, and also meaning literally “Throne” in Ancient Egyptian, being the reason why Isis is many times painted with a throne symbol on her head. She is sometimes considered to be the Goddess of Many Names, the face behind many divinities, and the Goddess of All Gods;
• Ka meaning vital energy and being part of the Egyptian concept of soul.
The ancient Setite, Nefertiti who has recently awoken deep beneath Berlin is using the Aset Ka as a means to bend impressionable young Setites to do her bidding.

Senay Celik – 9th generation Assamite. Came to the city several years ago and quickly settled in Gropius city where she blended in with the large population of Turkish immigrants.
Eventually she was discovered by Maxwell, who brought her before Wilhelm and took care of the blood work on her. Wilhelm has allowed her to stay within the city provided she check in with him occasionally and performs duties for him from time to time.
Wilhelm makes it a point to never feed blood to Senay, knowing how damaging it would be if any were to learn that he allows an assamite to remain in his city. He influences her in other ways, including allowing her to remain in the city unmolested.
Senay is growing annoyed over the Final Reich’s forays into parts of the city that contain her herd and some contacts, she is determined to put a stop to this, though will not confront any local kindred personally unless Wilhelm bids her to do so.

Giovanni – Antonio Borelli
- Though Antonio claims to be an Italian member of clan Brujah, he does not seem to fit in with that clan and rarely associates with any of them. In truth he rarely associates with anyone and remains to himself in his small, but well-guarded and maintained haven located in the midst of bombed-out Pankow.
- Thomas DeLutrius allows Antonio haven in his district, asking only minimal favors in return and asking that Antonio not try to alter the landscape in any way. Antonio prefers the district as it is, as it seems to attract a dark variety of spirits and makes some of his necromantic rituals less difficult.
- Antonio has a secret laboratory in an old grave yard in Pankow. The vault-like tomb’s entrance is guarded by zombies.

French Gangrel, Etienne
Notes: Has had a run-in with Ciara’s former pack. He does not seem to recognize her, but she certainly remembers him and tries to avoid him as best she can. She would very much like to see him dead and if it can be arranged for him to disappear quietly, the pack will make it happen.
Etienne is a French-born Gangrel who is semi-nomadic and travels up and down the Rhine River and is welcomed in most cities along that river. He infrequently travels to a larger city like Berlin or Paris, but usually just to touch base with other Gangrel. He is a go-between between Godfrey and Ghyslain (gih-zlain), the Gangerl elder in Paris. Godfrey and Ghyslain share a sire but seem to have no close kinship, and Godfrey claims they have never met face to face.
Godfrey seems to like Etienne and is friendly to the man when he is in town. Wilhelm generally grants Etienne a two week stay in West Berlin and Gustav allows him access to the East as well.

Eckhart: Under nosferatu

Lukas Addleman, Malkavian: Visitor during the large outdoor music festival of Heimatklange! He has been visiting the city during this fest for the last ten years and hopes to become a full-time resident someday. More later when adventure synopsis are added.

Men of Faith & Vampire Hunters

Little Istanbul:
Izzet Kivrak – Is primarily involved in finding peaceful means to fight the growing tensions between Arian Germans and the predominantly Turkish immigrants settling into Gropius City. He is aware of the existence of vampires and was forced to leave Istanbul over ten years ago because of complications with local vampires. Recently, thanks to anonymous information from the region’s hidden assamite, Senay Celik, he has learned that local kindred may be behind the race riots and violence taking place in this part of the city. Over the last couple of years, Izzet has put together a group of fellow Muslims to begin training them. They see it as a holy duty to destroy the vampires slaughtering their people.

Father Gilbert Bretl (St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Berlin, Reinickendorf) – has met with Lentz on a few occasions to discuss exorcisms and supply him with demon-fighting information. Father Bretl is not aware that his unusual research topics and late night trips has roused the suspicion of a fellow priest. Father Dukart, and old priest with some connections has contacted an inquisitor from the nearby Abbey of Eternal Vigilance.
An Inquisitor, Claus Rhodenbaugh, has moved into the area to begin keeping tabs on Father Bretl; he will eventually bring fellow inquisitors into the region and will ultimately put Father Bretl to the question and begin purging the city of its vampiric problems.

FULL DISCLOSURE - Misc. Movers & Shakers

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