Sabatt Pack:
One pack is currently in the process of infiltrating the city. Thus far three members of the pack are accepted locals, though one is on the verge of having a blood hunt called upon him.

Bruno Glockner, Pack Leader
Clan: Ventrue Antitribu
Generation: 9th
Path: Honorable Accord 5
Notes: Due to his age and willingness to put himself at risk to assist Prince Wilhelm, he has recently been gifted with the domain over the Reinickendorf district. He has brought it to Wilhelm’s attention of the unusual aura of Lubars and the prince has charged him with keeping a close eye on things there.

Ciara Breen
Clan: City Gangrel
Generation: 10th
Path: Feral Heart 5
Notes: Has become a familiar face among many of the neonates of the city, her easy going attitude and good cheer has made her friends, she is fitting in well.

Unterbrink, Pack Priest
Clan:Serpent of the Light
Generation: 11th
Path: Power and the Inner Voice 6
Notes: Is currently assisting Stefan in his crime enterprises in East Berlin. Currently Stefan has Unterbrink busy trying to muscle in on the Vietnamese gangs in the city, Unterbrink is busily engaging the gangs in wars with each other.

Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Generation: 10th
Path of Cathari: 6
Notes: Roland currently lives in England but he travels to Berlin any time an excuse is offered and he has made it known that he desperately wants to make it his permanent home. Roland is a mad-man hooligan with a Mohawk, severe piercings and tattoos, even a few nails driven through his ears. Despite the scary look he is a fun, but wild visitor seemingly trying to be drinking buddies with all he meets.
Roland is on the look out to sire a new member for the pack, he will approach a susceptible Brujah in the city and try to convince him to form a bond – a bond of rebellion. He will suggest each kindred embrace a local punk, Roland’s childe will remain in Berlin under the Brujah’s protection, while the Brujah’s lick will accompany roland back to London. Both newly created licks will be initiated into the sabatt of course.

Firat Gursel:
Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Generation: 11th
Path of Honorable Accord: 3
Notes: Firat will be the kindred Roland chooses to sire. He is a member of the 36 boys with some clout, but he is more known for his pretty-boy looks and his long black locks. With Roland being out of town so often Firat’s true education in all things Sabatt comes through Glockner and he has thus chosen to follow The Path of Honorable Accord and will develop templar-like beliefs.


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