West Berlin Primogen coterie chart

West Berlin Primogen

Dieter Kotlar – Brujah
- Godfrey: A disinterested bad-ass. Stay clear of him or use him before anyone else does.
- Ozzy: Well-informed conniver. Needs to be silenced if he knows even half of what he pretends to know.
- Ellison: Necessary problem that will be dealt with in the future.
- Anntoinette: An influencial toy. Far too opinionated.
- Maxwell: Dangerous. Make nice and behave.
- Nichole: A childe in over her head.

Godfrey – Gangrel
- Dieter: Cocky thug.
- Ozzy: Wise ass.
- Ellison: Arrogant freak.
- Anntoinette: Snob bitch.
- Maxwell: Enlightened.
- Nichole: Loud mouth bitch.

Ozzy White – Malkavian
- Dieter: Not as dumb as he acts. Not as smart as he thinks.
- Godfrey: Too aloof to see the strings tethered to his paws.
- Ellison: The true power to be overthrown. He can be undone from within.
- Anntoinette: Should stick to making B-movies and leave the intrigue to others.
- Maxwell: Has gained much through his sire, would like to see him standing alone for once.
- Nichole: Kind of the Ventrue to give her to us for some entertainment.

Ellison – Nosferatu
- Dieter: Will eventually self-destruct.
- Godfrey: powerful wild card, but easily distracted.
- Ozzie: Has a larger part of the big picture than I would have thought.
- Anntoinette: Her naked loyalty has limited her options and effectiveness.
- Maxwell: A war with personal conflicts. Most interesting to observe.
- Nichole: “A” for effort, but she brings little else.

Anntoinette – Toreador
- Dieter: Borderline anarch. His hero-worship of Gustav is sickening.
- Godfrey: Mangy and crude. Why is he even here?
- Ozzie: Charming and amusing in a quixotic and eccentric way.
- Ellison: The pain-wracked soul of a poet.
- Maxwell: Cold, passionless and robotic. His constant mantra grows tiresome.
- Nichole: Helpful and likable, but a bit of a ditz. Why do the Ventrue display her?

Maxwell – Tremere
- Dieter: can and has been of service.
- Godfrey: Merits watching.
- Ozzy: Another childe delving into an ancient’s world.
- Ellison: Worthy of respect and full of reasons to be wary.
- Anntoinette: Too occupied with frivolity.
- Nichole: An insult.

Nichole – Ventrue
- Dieter: A voice of constant discension – I have my eyes on him.
- Godfrey: A bear of a man. Yummy.
- Ozzy: Intriguing. Very intriguing.
- Ellison: Pines for a lost love – his heart is open for occupation.
- Anntoinette: A rival for Wilhelm’s affections – even more smitten than I am. Is led too easily by her heart.
- Maxwell: Frighteningly powerful with access to even greater power.

West Berlin Primogen coterie chart

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