FULL DISCLOSURE - Brujah Plot devices

Brujah Plot Devices:

Leonid Sergeyivich Petrov (Leo)
Generation: 10
Sire: Katherine Metrova
Dem: traditionalist, Nature: thrill-seeker

- Sees Stefan’s recent influence over youth hostels as a bit of a move into Leo’s territory. He will keep an eye on Stefan and make sure he doesn’t poach promising college students in the hippie, youth hostel culture.
- Keeps a close eye on kindred activity at Humboldt University and has much of the staff and security in his pocket in one manner or another. Will come down hard on anyone causing problems on the campus or with the staff.
- Has dismissed the notion of ghosts on the campus, but he recently had an encounter that has him wondering. He is considering seeking the Tremere to investigate this for him.
- He belongs to a small group of students who refer to themselves as the Red Barons. These students are involved in many risky and thrilling activities, such as sky-diving, spelunking, mountain (or building) climbing, or even drag racing on empty stretches of highway late at night.
- Timur is growing concerned over the influence Katarina seems to be exerting over Leonid, he will keep a close eye on the child.
- Has paid for a few rendezvous with Nichole, trying to sway her toward Katarina.
- Leonid detests Erika Geiger; he feels she is an embarrassment to the clan.
- The Malkavian Beauregard, is spending time around the University and seems interested in joining the Red Barons, something Leo is not overly thrilled about.
- Delutrius frequents the university now and then, Leo generally stays out of the elder’s way or tries to offer assistance if needed. He and Thomas have delved into some rather lengthy and deep discussions about the darkness of existence and examples of such in the fields of art and literature.
- Has an office at Humboldt and goes by Professor Klinkhammer
- Backgrounds: Allies 2 (Humboldt University), contacts 2 (computer tech, financier), retainers 1, status 1

Timur Tsarev (Tima) – The Kommissar
Generation: 8
Sire: Rytsar Alkaev
Dem: conniver, Nature: Autocrat

- Responsibilities as Kommissar seem to take much of his time, but he uses his influence to gleam information about kindred, sometimes during lengthy questioning sessions.
- Timur uses an abandoned and overgrown railway station in Lichtenberg as his headquarters. He usually keeps a team of two ghouls on hand waiting for instructions at “the station.”
- The station has two offices upstairs in very good shape and it houses three underground cells and a workable furnace where the ashes of at least half a dozen troublesome young licks rest for eternity.
- Timur keeps a close eye on railroad traffic from the east, using the excuse of his kommissar duties as cover to conceal his illegal arms shipments he smuggles into the city from former Soviet states. He has recently discovered that someone has been muscling in on a couple of his operations and would be very grateful to discover who this person is (Hans Beckert).
- Gustav has requested that the kommissar bring in kindred from the west who fail to promptly present themselves to the prince. Dieter and Erika will alert him if they know of any such kindred venturing to the east.
- Timur has a “murder squad” of four well-trained military ghouls he usually keeps at headquarters or uses for specialized needs, often assaults on kindred during the daylight hours. These ghouls are very well trained in all manner of artillery and tactics and they are well supplied with state of the art body armor and weaponry. Incendiary ammunition, explosives and flame throwers seem to be their weapons of choice.
- Timur seeks a kindred with animalism to assist him in monitoring the many birds and rats who nest in The station. Through Dieter, Kord’s alternate persona will be offered up as a solution.
- Notes: Through the crumbling eastern-blok governments Timur has been able to purchase vast amounts of illegal weaponry and explosives. He has several large and hidden bunkers scattered through the eastern half of the city (primarily in Lichtenberg and Treptow) where he stores these wares. He is unaware of the fact that a Malkavian is trying to move in on his corner of the black market.

Generation: 7
Sire: Ilse Baensch
Dem: loner, Nature: Predator

- Acer stalks East Berlin, primarily the barrens and the industrial and port regions of the city. Any kindred encountered are roughly and thoroughly questioned if not killed outright.
- If Acer encounters a lone kindred he has never met the odds are 50/50 that he will slay or blood bond the poor lick.
- Acer has retainers scattered through the train depots, ship yards and watching major highways. They also browse through subway stations seeking unknown kindred, Kindred spotted will be reported, usually to Timur, unless the kindred is alone on the outskirts of the city seemingly trying to escape notice, in which case Acer will be informed.
- The scourge of East Berlin.
Acer keeps tabs on the few interests his sire left behind when she took flight from Berlin. She suffered the blood hunt by Gustav and was able to talk her way out of it by agreeing on a life-long exile from Berlin and the gift of her oldest child, Acer to the prince.
Stefan is aware of Acer’s heritage, though Acer does not know that the two share the same sire.

Dieter Kotlar
Generation: 7
Sire: Isabella Correlli
Demeanor: Bravo, Nature: Visionary

- Owner of BMW Berlin headquarters is an ally and quiet supporter of the final reich. The man travels often and Dieter often uses one of his houses (Tiergarten or Zhelendorf). Dieter also has access to many new or used cars as well as mechanics etc.
- Dieter is quiet about his involvement in the Final Reich. He will have little or nothing to say about it, and might even speak out against some of their activities. Generally when he needs something done he goes through the mortal leadership. If he expects kindred interference he will have a young vampiric Reich member, who he trusts, oversee the operation.
- Dieter has something big in the works, something to shake up the kindred’s faith in Wilhelm; he also sees eliminating Peter Kleist as a primary way of weakening Wilhelm.
- Backgrounds: allies 6 (wealthy CEOs, influential businessmen and politicians, police captains), influence 3, mentor 2, retainers 4 (Vinzenz “Vinny voltage”: Electrician and part time gang banger. Vinny acts as a torturer and interrogator for neo nazi gang. Tatto of electricy warning sign on his arm; Karsten Stolz, “Satan of the New Gestapo or SS Stolz”; Leader of the New National Socialist political party/gangleader (Blutkrieg – Nazi gang); Henrietta Berber: Banker, money manager of Final Reich funds; Slick Sibylla Densch: Lawyer, specializes in getting guilty clients released. Her firm, Luger, Petry and Densch, use questionable tactics, but so far none have been able to prove they use threats or other forms of manipulation to sway jurors and witnesses), resources 2, status 2
- Notes: Dieter and Wilhelm are the kindred with the most control over police in west Berlin, Dieter also has a good amount of influence in the fire dept. and the local political arena.
Dieter possesses the talent of burning wrath. He currently has no desire to share it with others for one never knows when it will be used against you. His sire taught him and he has taught no one.
Dieter owns several warehouses in the Wedding district, in one of these warehouses he stores his momentos from WWII, including an in-tact section of brick wall with a term written upon it: Aus der Traum — literally, “The dream is over”; a slogan painted by German soldiers near the end of the war expressing the surreality of their situation

Erika Geiger
Generation: 8
Sire: Dieter Kotlar
Demeanor: Rebel, Nature: fanatic

- Allies in Aryan & Nazi movements within the city.
- Erika was badly wounded in an altercation with the gangrel, Godfrey. She is holding a grudge but she is rightly afraid of the powerful gangrel. So far Dieter has not become involved in this.
- Has a strong dislike for the Ventrue Rochus Strohkirch. Erika is contemplating a plot to blood bond the arrogant blue-blood.
- Frank Litzpar often shares information with Erika and the Nosferatu elders know this, allowing them to mislead Erika through Frank
- IT is becoming Erika’s primary goal to kill Peter Kleist for Dieter. Kotlar would consider it a fair trade-off to lose Erika for Kleist.
- Backgrounds: Allies 4 (White supremacist gang leaders, Newspaper editor), Influence 1, mentor 1
- Notes: For the most part, Erika runs the mortal skin head gangs and is in charge with directing riots and demonstrations. The sheer numbers of gang members she can call upon is frightening, though Dieter insists she handles this wisely and makes sure she does not abuse her power. She usually seeks Dieter’s approval before doing anything on a grand scale.
- Erika is aware of the sway she has over Frank Litzpar, and she uses his affection for her to gleam information for she and Dieter. She truly likes Frank however and he is one of the first kindred she contacts when seeking to get a boot party organized.
- Erika has a dislike for the gangrel elder Godfrey Reinbach, if the means to destroy him presented itself she would be quick to do so.
- Though she has not met him, Erika is seeking the driving and manipulating force behind the Turkish gangs. She will react kindly to any who can give her information on Aytac. She has grown frustrated over the success of some western Turkish gangs like the 36 Boys who are becoming far too successful and powerful lately. She suspects vampiric involvement.

Stefan Rutiger
Generation: 7th
Sire: Ilse Baensch
Dem: , Nature:

- Operates youth hostels throughout Friedrichshain, many of these youths are manipulated or coerced into doing criminal favors for Stefan, and over time he has developed a small, but lucrative enterprise of petty crime.
- Stefan is aware of Acer’s heritage, though Acer does not know that the two share the same sire. Ilse has been in contact with Stefan since she fled the city, alerting him to her plight and that of her child, Acer. Stefan is plotting to undo Gustav’s blood bond of Acer and enforce his own. With Acer bound to him he intends on meeting again with his sire, ambushing her with Acer then dining upon her essence.
- Has informed Garek of Acer, but not his connection or plans regarding the man. Just hopes Vorstein will play his part and “befriend” Acer in some way.
- Claims to hold thrall over the ghoul Wasim who was taken from the slain Setite, Habib. He has arranged to do this for Garek, though he fully means to punish Garek for claiming the man as ghoul without permission.
- The safe-cracker Vincent serves Stefan, though he operates with Unterbrink for now.
- Unterbrink likes Stefan and would like to coerce the brujah into joining the sabatt, but he realizes it is unlikely to happen. He fears greatly that Stefan might learn of his sect one day so he tries to be as useful as he can be in hopes Stefan will feel him too valuable to turn in.
- Will learn of Gretchen’s little infatuation with him and will send Garek to befriend her.
- Stefan has used the favor owed to him by Rasputin (for cleaning up the masquerade breakage of Rasputin’s child) to request Rasputin eliminate two Brujah coming to the city to strengthen Timur’s numbers. Because of the hatred between Rasputin and Timur, none will believe that anyone had coerced Rasputin into doing this.
- Backgrounds: Herd 3 (visiting youths at various hostels), Retainers 3 (Franz Bauer: older former police chief. Very well spoken, very dangerous; oversees properties and conducts meetings. Ingolf the wretch: Twisted street person and career criminal. Knows the streets, knows the slums and knows the ins and outs of the criminal underworld; plays a major role in Stefan’s petty crime gangs; Wasim the mad Egyptian – former bodyguard of Setite).
- Notes: Operates youth hostels throughout Friedrichshain, many of these youths are manipulated or coerced into doing criminal favors for Stefan, and over time he has developed a small, but lucrative enterprise of petty crime.
- Sired Garek vorstein, removed Leo Engel from prison and gave him to his child as a gift, as it was Leo who abducted and murdered Vorstein’s little brother years ago.
- Stefan is aware of Acer’s heritage, though Acer does not know that the two share the same sire. Ilse has been in contact with Stefan since she fled the city, alerting him to her plight and that of her child, Acer. Stefan is plotting to undo Gustav’s blood bond of Acer and enforce his own. With Acer bound to him he intends on meeting again with his sire, ambushing her with Acer then dining upon her essence.
- Stefan will hire Gregor to locate the “Aryan Soldier” who is prowling East Berlin. If Gregor wishes to make contact with Acer it is his call, but primarily Stefan wants him found.

Generation: 10th
Sire: Diego La Muerte
Dem: Bon Vivant, Nature: Confidant
Havens: Hotel or with friends when in Berlin

- Roland is part of a sabatt pack trying to infiltrate the city, he follows the orders of Bruno Glockner and has a good deal of respect for his other pack mates who have been accepted into the city as kindred. Roland is trying to gain a friend or favor that will allow him to stay in the city; for now he uses nearly any excuse to visit the city.
- Were it not for Dieter’s hatred for him Erika would be far more public with her admiration for the charismatic and fun reveler.
- Roland, has created a ghoul to watch the city in his absence. Her name is Greta.
- She spends her time in West Berlin and the wedding district. She is tight with Erika and spends many nights with her street gang. Greta is a member of the final Reich a very enthusiastic young Nazi who specializes in planting time to explosives. Erika often uses her to target Elysium during daylight hours.

FULL DISCLOSURE - Brujah Plot devices

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