Downtime – Oct. 1993 – April 1994
1) Go to the next Gangrel meeting and see if any are willing to teach him animalism and at what cost.

  • Nashi will agree to meet with him and discuss it/feel him out. (cha + empathy diff 7 – 2 successes) to convince Nashi to work something out with him.
  • Nashi will begin teaching Animalism – in return she wants a steady update on the kindred happenings and kindred politics in East Berlin during the next year.

2) learn animalism

  • 6 months minus manipulation rating. 1 month.

3) Find a suitable building for sale to be my haven in one of the districts Dieter has suggested, with Dieters lowest on the list. Ask permission from the proper elder to live in the district, buy the haven, find someone down on their luck to live there, and start remodeling it.
* Per+Investigation (diff. 6) to find suitable haven. The more successes the better the place/area. 3 successes

4) Seek out all kindred I owe boons to and let them know I appreciate the assisstance they gave me. I want them to know I grateful and very willing to assisst them in any way. (I have a 4 etiquette and will be showing a deep respect and attempt to be very humble and polite)
* Roll charisma and etiquette (diff. 7) per individual. Successes will be reflected in interactions with each kindred.
- Ozzie 4 – Says he will be calling in the favor very soon and appreciates your gentlemanly conduct. He apologizes for holding on to the favor so long. His intention was never to flaunt it; he just had something specific in mind and the time was not right to make good on it until now.
- Mary 2 – Mary suggests you make a cash donation or donate some of your time to assisting the homeless. She knows of several soup kitchens or shelters. Maybe 3 hours a night for one week should settle everything up nicely.
- Katarina 0 – Katarina giggles and waves it off and tells you to think nothing of it.

5) I will watch the Appartment building where Remy Martin was stayingfor three nights.I will be in bat form. to see if he turns up. I will ask my allie and current spy to watch for 3 days. The two attempts of course will coincide.
* Remy Martin does not have a Berlin address listed. Your group has never seen Remy Martin and he has not, to your knowledge, been to Berlin since you stole the Picasso from his warehouse.

6) If 5) does not work out,I will ask Rasputin to find out if Remy Martin is in the city and if so where. I would like him to keep both the asking and the telling strictly between us. As with any elders, I will attempt to show a deep level of respect and politeness. For example with Rasputin I would give a bow when meeting with him, if he seems to like or ignore this behavior I will continue it. If he appears to dislike it I will take it down a notch.

* Cha+Etiquette to approach Rasputin (2 successes) – the Nosferatu will show no favoritism regardless, but will be openly hostile and rude on a botch. Rasputin will begin looking in to Mr. Martin’s whereabouts and places he stays when in Berlin.
Rasputin will offer to put you in touch with a well-travelled Nosferatu who actually has dealings in Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and many other European cities and probably knows more about Remy Martin than Rasputin might dig up in Berlin. If this is sufficient then let me know; if this other Nosferatu does not provide any information Rasputin will begin his research of Mr. Martin, or will put his children at your beck and call researching the man.

7) learn Thaumaturgy.

8) If Remy Martin is in the city I will atempt to follow him in bat form. I will write down any places he goes as well as people/kindred he speaks with.

9)Find and Follow the Turk gang member from the college campus. This was the one making $ dropoffs and will be done in bat form.

  • Dex + athletics to follow diff. 6. Must accumulate 10 successes to track him to his gang’s hang out.
    - He always ends up at the same apartment building near Kotbusser Tor.

10) Read up on Turk- Paki political/religious differences, both current and past. I will ask Dieter the most secluded, boon free, and easiest way to go about this. Which library?

  • Cha + leadership or subterfuge to bribe or conn night guard at library to give him access. Diff 7) – 0 successes on research; will find some religious and cultural differences but they will create little to no conflict between the two groups.

11) Capture and interrogate a Turk or Paki gang member. This will be done in disguise, with the goal to look different from normal , but blend in as well. Think Johnny’s Ventrue. No one would notice him passing on the street. I will asking about problems between the gangs, who is feared, hated, respected ect. I will start with intimidation for the questioning if this does not work, I will start cutting off fingers. The pinkie first and letting him know the thumb is next.

  • Per + Streetwise to find a gang member who knows a lot – the more successes the more in the loop (2 successes). Man + Performance for successful disguise (2 successes).
    Make interrogation rolls: Man + intimidation (diff. sta+3 or willpower) must get extra successes higher than victim’s willpower. HUMANITY ROLL diff. 8.
    Verrrry long interrogation, removed several fingers. Info learned: He mentions several smaller Turkish gangs who skirmishwith his gang (The 36 Boys); generally they are too small-time to be much of a bother and usually end up disbanding or allying with the ‘Boys.
    Chief rival gangs are BlutKrieg – a Neo-Nazi gang who war over territory and heroin supplies/suppliers, but mainly just want the Turks out of Germany. People of note: he doesn’t really know anyone by name; he did have a few run-ins with some skin head group led by a guy known on the streets as Voltage.
    - Annihilation 18 is a mostly Pakistani gang who are small but extremely violent; primarily turf wars, but it seems some higher ups in each game might have some sort of feud or personal score to settle. People of Note: Tief (who is said to eat people’s fingers and ears) and Gichki (A killer who generally slices up and mutilates his victims and leaves them where loved ones will find them).
    - Ugur Bahar – Does work for the Babans
    Banab Orhan, Baban Ilhan and Baban Devrin (replaces Baban Cenk who your coterie abducted) – The grandfathers of the gang, the respected gentlemen who seem to keep the gang running in an orderly manner. They do not seem to be really involved very often. Every once in a while they will meet with various younger gang members and they seem to help guide and direct some activites, but stay out of day to day running. They all have a great deal of connections.
    Konca Yazici – important guy, often with one of the Babans. Always wears an expensive suit.
    Ilkay Aga – Another guy in a suit who hangs around the Babans on occasion.

12)Ask Dieter for assisstance on finding a ghoul. I have some specifics in mind. Political ,religion, computers and finance are a must. Etiquette as well as research are slightly lesser in importance. I want him/her to be a thinker not fighter. Perceptive to a high degree is important as well.

  • Dieter will suggest Humboldt University, he will talk to Leonid to allow you to use the campus for a few nights boon-free. He will suggest looking for grad students who are loners with few to no family connections and free of mortal complications; sounds like you want someone with a major in political science, computers or finance and with a minor or employment background in one or more of the others. The etiquette will suggest that he/she will probably come from a wealthy background. Good luck.
    (Per + Academics, Per + politics, Per + computers, Per + finance all diff. 6 to see which score is the highest etc…)

13) Drive around in random cabs as well as with my minor contact( veteran cab driver) to attempt to get to know the city better.

  • May spend xp for area knowledge 1.

Okay…while this may change after we do this last bit of Down Time, most of it won’t so, let me give you a basic idea of what I hope to do, as I can do it.

A) Take those four Probationary Motorcycle Club members and form our little bike club. I’m thinking Legion for the Club name. There are reasons for that.
1) Decide who is going to be responsible for what. Typically you have the Club President (me), a Vice President (Ideally this would be my ghoul, but things with Evelynn might require me to Ghoul her so…someone I can trust hopefully), a Sargent At Arms (Normally a thug, does a lot of the dirty work or hands out the punishments as seen fit…also protects the Club Pres.), a Treasurer (someone decent with numbers, collects Dues, and deals with the financial end of the club), and a Road Captain (This guy needs to know his way around, he is the best rider in the group normally and plans the routes for trips). There are four of them so hopefully we can reasonably fill those rolls.
- Are these guys your allies? Either way I’ll make up names and stats for them. If they are allies let me know.
I am hoping they would be my allies, eventually I might end up Ghouling the Club Officers, but for now, I am hoping to make them allies.
- Roll per + leadership to assign each man to the position best for him (diff. 6) – 1 success
- You have filled your four positions using these men. I will give you names and personalities shortly. They are not yet allies.

2) Patch our Council in, ie offically form with colors (the patches logos and club vests)
- If you have something in mind go for it dude. There are plenty of symbols or coat of arms through Berlin, each district has one. Reinickendorf’s features a red fox.
Okay, that is cool, I had a couple ideas, I have been looking to see what kinda motorcycle gangs are around Berlin. I’ll have it ready soon enough.

3) Have them start finding Probationary members.
- So your recruits will primarily be doing the recruiting?
To a small degree. They are looking for others like themselves. It will take a yes from every officer in the club to okay someone new getting patched in, but for now having a probationary member or five would help….lol…
- Cha + Empathy (diff. 6) Each success yields a 1d4 recruits 2 dice each recruit – 1/B/0/2 – 8 recruits and one botch!
- You have 9 solid recruits who are willing to wear your colors and tow the line.

4) Introduce them to Timur and explain my plans with them. (I plan on building our own club to run the guns…it cuts out the middle men a little and puts more money into Timur’s pockets) I also plan to start taking over the smaller biker clubs in the area, known as Patching over. There are a few ways to do it….but they all end with you telling them that they can either become part of your club and wear your colors…or they are to disband. Eventually the plan is to take over all or most of the biker clubs in Berlin…hence the name Legion. For we are many. Lol
- Will you be personally doing this or leaving this to those members who have been recruited?
This I will be a very active part of, leading it actually. They need to scope out some of the various clubs and see who is where, and how big they are. After that its just about all of us going to their club house and making our presence known.
- Cha + Leadership diff. 6. Multiple successes will be needed to convince others to shift loyalties from their current gang to his; Int + finance diff. 6 to find a suitable place for your gang and to purchase this place. 0 dice.
- Trying to set this up and you realize you are woefully ignorant on how to even begin setting up something on such a grand scale, the numbers you allocate for financing the bar, the guns and just about everything else makes Timur shake his head and mutter to himself. He indicates that you should have created a retainer who can handle numbers and not just a nice piece of ass.
- Harsh I know – sorry dude. You do not have any dots in finance and since it is a knowledge you do not even get to make a roll

B) Train and be trained.
1) Kord wanted me to show him how to shoot…so I figure a hour or two a week at a shooting range will be enough to get him the basics…
2) He was willing to teach me Fortitude…I don’t have the XP, but I figure at some point I will.
3) Someone else wanted to learn from me, so more of that..
- Get with the other players, Jim might have forgotten about this as he didn’t include it in his downtime. One of you get back to me, if I talk to Jim I’ll ask him about it.
Sounds good, Ill email him later and ask.

C) Seriously look into Ghouling Evelynn. If I can get her to go into the East, I figure that it will be okay…which brings me to a question….

If Gustav gives me permission to Ghoul…and I do….what happens in West Berlin? I mean can my ghoul be in West Berlin? Or is it accepted that if one Prince gives you permission, it’s okay?
- Timur assumes you are owed at least a minor boon; generally creating a retainer incurs a greater favor, but Timur spoke to Gustav and the prince says all is even. Ghoul Elavyne and you’re square. Timur will lecture you about providing for her in terms of blood. If you can’t keep yourself fed you should not have a ghoul. Any problems arise through feeding (drained bodies or masquerade breackages) will show that you cannot handle sustaining yourself and a retainer and the prince will have her destroyed. And bringing her into West Berlin or any other Camarilla-held city should not be a problem. I will create her and give you her sheet.

If Ghouling Evelynn is gonna be a bad idea…ie it will get her killed etc…then…I am looking for a good VP for the club to Ghoul…young, smart…physical isn’t important…well, not as much as his mental abilities.
- I’ll start having some results for you soon. Do you want a bar or a warehouse for the ‘club house?’ If it is a bar do you plan on running it or just sort of guiding the current owners? If so what method will you be using to do this?
I’m thinking a bar. It wouldn’t remain open to the general public, itll become a club bar at that point. Unless there is a problem with that. It would need to be a decent sized place that can have small rooms (dormitories) for the club members to crash at. I would like to make my haven there. So if converting a warehouse would be easier (ie throughing up some walls and a bar) than that is cool. I can’t find any floor plans that work..yet. So…I’m not real sure what would be condusive. I know if I was looking I could find it. If you allow me to, I can design it…nothing outrageous….but more what I want. He would be looking to rent or buy the place straight out.

- I’ll have a short list of expectations Bruno will have for you if you wish to remain in his district. His first and primary rule is honesty. For the most part, he’ll stay out of your personal affairs, but if he asks something he expects an honest answer; if he discoversyou are being deceptive with him he will ask you to leave.
You will owe him a major boon – if you take care of some minor responsibilities that will probably be a minor boon. Again, I’ll get back to you on the specifics soon.
Depending on the responsibilities I’m down for taking some pride in my district. Plus if it helps you with story lines Im down for that too…lol. So yeah some responsibilities is fine.
- Cha + etiquette (diff. 6) to make a favorable impression on Bruno. Botch! Came across in a very negative way and Bruno is suspicious of him.
- Responsibilities include 1 night per week assisting with airport observation, or outlying shuttles, car rental places or hotels. Keep violent criminal enterprises to a minimum in district; he wants to know specifically where you will be residing within the district and will expect you to keep tabs for kindred activities and monitor unknown kindred within a 4 block radius of your locale. Inform him of any kindred activity, you have his retainer’s number (Ernst Ringal).

After Lubars Downtime

For my downtime in Berlin hers what I would like to do:
(Im at work so dont have my notes so I can remember some names.)

Everyday, I will feed first, then train Taumaturgy with the sabbat spy, then if he has time I will go train at 11 with the ventrue elder at the airport.
– The group was told by Gustav that you need to meet with Katarina to schedule meetings with this Tremere. You were told that you could proceed with that after your terms of servitude were completed in the West and he is sure you all kept your mouths shut on the matter. We’ll have to RP the meeting you, Garek and Kord have with Katarina.

Spend a couple of days a week after training with Amelia working on searching the sections of the sewers she thinks may hold the elder. Working on my sewer lore and area know.

Cultivating contacts and Allies with the police, the 4 different language newpapers, and custom agents working at airports or docks. – I need specifics. Which districts or areas are you doing this in? There are two major ports in Berlin, one in East and one in the West. Which airport? How are you going to go about doing this?
With the newpapers I will pose as a journalist student, who wants to work with the reports who work the night shifts. For the ports I will start in the west, posing as a dock worker, working nights, getting to know the workers, listening to them, trying to fit in.
With newspapers: Int+expression diff. 6. 3 successes gets him hired as a regular; 1 success allows him to tag along now and then. 5 successes will allow him to choose which reporters he works with and which stories. 0 successes; he does not get hired. They tell you to come back after you have learned a bit about writing or journalism.
With the ports: Wits+subterfuge diff. 8 (no papers, no ID, no recognition). 1 success will allow him to escape notice if he minds his own business and appears to be doing his job. 3 successes will allow him to question the rank and file and snoop around a little without problems. 5 successes means someone in authority takes a shine on him and he has almost free reign of docks. 0 successes. Within hours you are asked to leave and asked for your union card or other identification.

Trying to get on Remys good side.
- How? What methods are you using?
Starting small, we are still in communication, I will let him know I am useful at finding things, I want to work my way up to his go to guy in Berlin.
_ He will direct Gregor to the newly appointed head of his Berlin operations, Dr. Inga Iffland. Dr. Iffland may have work for you.

  • After the initial meeting she will promise to remain in touch with Gregor; he will be watched and followed after he leaves (Per+Alertness Dif.6 3 successes needed to spot his tail). 2 successes. Does not know he was followed at this point.
  • She will be in touch soon after this meeting (a month or so afterwards) and will ask him to acquire or find something for her. It will be something of value to a local kindred’s ally or contact – something that will piss someone off and gain Rick a potentially scary enemy.
    The gentleman on the phone tells you to contact Dr. Inga Iffland; on Thursdays and Fridays she can be located at the warehouse offices at lake Muggelssee (the place you all broke in to). If there is any need for your assistance it will be directed by her.
    - I need to know what name you are using and your basic appearance.
    - Dr. Iffland, a professional, blonde-haired woman in her mid 40’s has tea served in her small office at the warehouse, then afterward she walks along the lake with you and discusses something she needs assistance with: A woman by the name of Claudette Beaulieu’s computer and any computer hardware in her apartment. She gives you Claudette’s address and apartment number. Claudette is a hostess/Gallery attendant at the Johann Konig Gallery in Mitte. Ms. Beaulieu did some work as an appraiser for Mr. Martin and made off with some of his belongings that she could very easily sell to one of his competitors for a nice profit. For this reason Mr. Martin wants to ensure that there is no trace of said information in Mrs. Beaulieu’s apartment – so if she has more than one computer, get them both.

Practicing with the drummer and bassist, working on my performance and expression.

Going to a few open mike nights, plays and concerts when time permits.

Finishing the detectives work, finding stole heirlooms from the war and returning them to their owners.
– What if these investigations take you out of Berlin?
Yes depending on where it takes me, I will talk to my clan elder, Elison, before leaving to get the contact info, on who I need to speak to in each city.
- It is very hard as all of the PI’s notes were destroyed in the fire. You are able to learn that he is looking for a jewelry box for a local woman, a broach for a separate woman, 3 family scrap books from various families and any trace or documentation of two different familys’ wealth in hopes to follow the trail and discover who benefitted from it.
So far, you have gained no leads on any of these.

I pretty sure Peter gave me permission to continue watching the 36 boys, if so I would still keep a eye on them to see if I can find any kindred connection. I would also like to find out where they stash their drugs and money.

  • Per+Streetwise difficulty 7 (6 dice):
    - Each group or gang of 36 Boys who sell or collect seem to stash their money at a group hang-out, be it house, apartment or warehouse. Seems that every so often the money is collected and distributed to various local businesses.

- You have quite a few things lined up, so if you could break it down as far as priorities… Which of these are you spending the most time on? Which the least? Rank them for me from high to low priority.
1. Training if I can get the Thuamaturgy training at the begining of each night and the weapon training at the end of each night that would work better.

1. Training if I can get the Thuamaturgy training at the begining of each night and the weapon training at the end of each night that would work better.
2. My 2nd priority will be working with Amelia, charting sections of the sewers, this will help with my sewer lore and Area knowlwdge, also may give me some hideyholes if I need a place to crash during the day. Who know what else we might find stashed down here.
- Working on Allies and contact I will take slow i dont want to rush and spook anyone, or tip off any other kindred to what I am doing, so slow and careful.

- I do want to talk to Joe about Anet, how not to trust her at all and never let her get him alone, I would like to know if she comes into the bar without me at all.


Berlin by Night WiHa05