FULL DISCLOSURE - East Berlin Primogen

East Berlin Primogen:
Stefan Rutigar – The Fist
Generation: 7th
Sire: Ilse Baensch
Dem: survivor, Nature: plotter
Havens: Usually stays in a retainer’s home or a hostel’s basement
Abilities: S 4, D 3, S 3 – C 2, M 5, A 2 – P 3, I 3, W 2
Backgrounds: Herd 3 (visiting youths at various hostels), Retainers 3 (Franz Bauer: older former police chief. Very well spoken, very dangerous; oversees properties and conducts meetings. Ingolf the wretch: Twisted street person and career criminal. Knows the streets, knows the slums and knows the ins and outs of the criminal underworld; plays a major role in Stefan’s petty crime gangs; Wasim the mad Egyptian – former bodyguard of Setite).
Virtues: Conscience 2, self-control 3, courage 5
Humanity: 4
Willpower: 7
Notes: Operates youth hostels throughout Friedrichshain, many of these youths are manipulated or coerced into doing criminal favors for Stefan, and over time he has developed a small, but lucrative enterprise of petty crime.
Sired Garek vorstein, removed Leo Engel from prison and gave him to his child as a gift, as it was Leo who abducted and murdered Vorstein’s little brother years ago.
Stefan is aware of Acer’s heritage, though Acer does not know that the two share the same sire. Ilse has been in contact with Stefan since she fled the city, alerting him to her plight and that of her child, Acer. Stefan is plotting to undo Gustav’s blood bond of Acer and enforce his own. With Acer bound to him he intends on meeting again with his sire, ambushing her with Acer then dining upon her essence.
Stefan will hire Gregor to locate the “Aryan Soldier” who is prowling East Berlin. If Gregor wishes to make contact with Acer it is his call, but primarily Stefan wants him found.

Oswald White/Aytac (The Turk)/Hans Beckert
Generation: 7th
Sire: Mr. Hyde
Dem: Jester; Nature: Architect/Bravo
Abilities: S 5, D 4, S 4 – C 4, M 6, A 4 – P 3, I 4, W 3
Backgrounds: Contacts 5 (Beat cops, gang members, the homeless, grave diggers, stock broker, tour guides)
Virtues: Conscience 4, self-control 2, courage 3
Humanity: 4
Willpower: 7
Notes: Controlling the 36 Boys, a Turkish Street gang in Kreuzberg/Serial Killer, though outwardly a friendly gentleman who abhors violence.
Hans Beckert – Serial killer. Round, unassuming man, wide eyes, usually wears common brown suits and a brown hat. Beckert is known to whistle Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King.
Aytac – Overlord of the city’s largest Turkish gang, the 36 Boys. Beckert’s murder spree has stepped up the police activities in Kreuzberg putting a severe damper on the Boys’ criminal activities. For this reason Aytac has made it a point to find the murderer and get him off the streets. The gang has between 300 and 400 members and the heart of its turf is the Tower Blocks of the Kotbusser Tor in Kreuzberg. They have a heated turf war going on with the gang Reich-Krieg based out of Wedding.
Appearance: An older white haired Turkish man, his hair is short and tight to his skull. He dresses well, finely tailored business suits but he always has accessories that are urban in nature or of his homeland. He often sports diamond studs in each ear.

Generation: 6th
Sire: Melitta Wallenberg
Dem: Plotter, Nature: Confidant
Abilities: S 4, D 3, S 7 – C 3, M 5, A 0 – P 7, I 5, W 6

Havens: Berlin’s Sewers

Backgrounds: Retainers 3 (Remus: very old Sewer-dwelling bear; Athena: Keeps records, notes, appointments, maps, etc; Quan: Vietnamese Interrogator, researcher, linguist), resources 4, status 5

Virtues: Conscience 4, self-control 1, courage 2

Humanity: 6

Willpower: 9


Thomas De Lutrius
Generation: 7th
Sire: Johann
Dem: competitor, Nature: Avant-Garde
Havens: A very nice apartment in Pankow

Abilities: S 5, D 3, S 3 – C 3, M 2, A 3 – P 3, I 2, W 4
Backgrounds: Allies 3 (Occult professor at Humboldt University, East Berlin Gallery owner, City demolitions expert), contacts 3 (Building/zoning commissioner for Pankow, Pankow police chief, Pankow fire chief), Mentor 5 (Gustav), resources 2, status 2
Virtues : conscience 3, self-control 2, courage 5
Humanity: 4
Willpower: 8

Magister Templi Frederic Werther
Generation: 8th
Sire: Maxwell Ldescu
Dem: Conformist, Nature: Plotter
Havens: Secluded houses in Lichtenberg and Kopenick
Abilities: S 3, D 3, S 4 – C 3, M 5, A 3 – P 3, I 4, W 3
Paths: Path of blood 5, Gift of Morpheus 5, Summons of the Spirit Servitor 4, Movement of the Mind 3, The Green Path 3, Lure of flames 2, Path of Torture 1
Backgrounds: Allies 1 (), Herd 1, Resources 3, Mentor 4
Virtues: Conscience: , self-control , courage
Willpower: 10

Katarina Kornfeld
Generation: 7th
Sire: Gustav
Dem: Competitor, Nature: plotter
Havens: Berlin palace
Abilities: S 5, D 4, S 7 – C 6, M 6, A 3 – P 5, I 4, W 6
Backgrounds: Allies 3 (Head contractor who builds nightclubs; President local soccer team; City governor); herd 7, influence 3, resources 5, retainers 4 (Mr. Jivana – Apache warrior purchased from a Spanish explorer in the 1700’s. Jivana is a master knife fighter, throat-slitter, alert bodyguard and spiritualist; Ewald Schultz – Seemingly young financial genius, runs his own financial firm; Falk Richardson; – wealthy English businessman and investor, purchasing a lot of property in East Berlin; Jasmin – Hostess, secretary), status 4
Virtues: Conscience 3, self-control 4, courage 3
Humanity: 5
Willpower: 8

Coterie chart:
East Berlin Primogen
Members: Stefan Rutigar, Hans Beckert, Ellison Humboldt, Thomas DeLutrius, Frederic Werther, Katarina Kornfeld
- Hans: Worth watching. A well-informed mad man.
- Ellison: Frightening and far too powerful.
- Thomas: Kiss ass.
- Werther: Too many secrets & seems to have Gustav’s respect. A rival.
- Katarina: A silly, pathetic puppet.

- Stefan: Too young to be anything but a pawn.
- Ellison: Will someday hear him scream. Be wary Hans.
- Thomas: His downfall is only a matter of time. If he had anything worth attaining I would help it along.
- Werther: Quite a useful ally, he knows what a fool timur is.
- Katarina: Eager for her blood. Must prove her uselessness to prince.

- Stefan: Such ambition merits watching. Perhaps Gregor can keep tabs.
- Hans: Motivated by blood. Makes him very predictable.
- Thomas: Such talent and potential – so thoroughly going to waste.
- Werther: Seemingly more learned and powerful than his years would suggest.
- Katarina: Too old, too well-off and from too prestigious a lineage to be as stupid as she acts.

Thomas – Toreador
- Stefan: A child who merits watching; a constant schemer.
- Hans: There is a darkness to him that is most compelling. I want in.
- Ellison: A font of depth and mystery shrouded in sadness… Why?
- Werther: Cocky, arrogant and poised for a big fall.
- Katarina: Delightfully naïve, a thorn in Gustav’s side, yet seemingly without enemies save Wilhelm.

Werther – Tremere
- Stefan: Ambition will be his undoing.
- Hans: How much does he know of his other identity? Holds more information than he realizes.
- Ellison: Frighteningly powerful. He must not have the Magische Irbe.
- Thomas: Too self-centered to be a concern. A puppet.
- Katarina: Another puppet – an old and powerful puppet.

Katarina – Ventrue
- Stefan: A few more strings and a fine puppet he shall make.
- Hans: Easily maneuvered or just as easily un-done.
- Ellison: Past associations with his sire has built up good will. A powerful ally to have.
- Thomas: Will need to be dealt with eventually, I shall rely on Gustav when the time comes.
- Werther: He does not fool everyone; he will find that power among the kine and power among the kindred are two vastly different things.

FULL DISCLOSURE - East Berlin Primogen

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