FULL DISCLOSURE - Gangrel Plot Devices

Gangrel Plot Devices

Godfrey Reinbach, Gangrel
Generation: 7
Sire: Harbard
Dem: Loner, Nature: Perfectionist

- On some occasions he stalks the cities roof tops with a sniper rifle. Generally he chooses a single target and follows him for several nights, waiting patiently for the best time to make the kill. He often targets trouble makers, criminals or people who like to make life difficult for others.
- Likes to be left alone, spends his nights canoeing in the Neukolln district or painting at the Botanical gardens; he really hates being interrupted or disturbed when he’s at ease like this.

Ciara Breen, City Gangrel
Generation: 10
Sire: Garm “Razor” Shine
Dem: Bon Vivant, Nature: Rogue

- City gangrel. Ciara is here as a part of an advanced pack filtering into the city in hopes of wreaking havoc and recruiting for the sect.
- Ciara is fun and social, she is willing to bar-hop with just about anyone and enjoys attending poetry readings and discussion groups.
- Ciara delivers messages via crows to her contacts outside of the city.
- With Bruno considering teaching Gregor swordplay, he will instruct Ciara to get to know him better and win his trust.

Nashi – Blackened Face
Generation: 12
Sire: Heinrich Krueller (Dead)
Dem: survivor, Nature: Loner

- Nashi lairs in the Kopenich district. She has a few small cottages she uses, but primarily she stays in a small section of collapsed sewer tunnels cut-off from the main lines. These tunnels have mostly collapsed and the area has been re-claimed by wilderness and shrubs. Her stretch of tunnels has become a haven for wild raccoons, and she always settles in for the night with several of them watching over her.
- Nashi’s sire, Heinrich was a close friend of hers and a trusted mentor. Seven years ago he returned to Berlin and did not announce his presence to Gustav on time. A young kindred, Heckler, spotted the visiting gangrel and informed the Kommissar, who staked Heinrich and brought him to Gustav where he was given a sun burn. Nashi is hoping to enact vengeance on both Gustav and Timur, and she would slay Heckler if she knew of his involvement.
- Nashi sometimes volunteers to help Gustav or Timur, she wants to get to know them better and hopefully discover a weakness.
- For the most part Nashi avoids kindred.

Generation: 10
Sire: Ganix the Crow
Dem: Bravo, Nature: Martyr

- On good terms with the venture, Bruno Glockner. The pair are investigating the Lubars disturbances.
- Lents has a couple of small contacts within the church which he keeps quiet, if Wilhelm knew he would have the gangrel exiled from the city.
- Ciara sometimes offers to help him out in Reinickendorf, she uses this excuse to enter the district and meet in private with her Sabatt leader Bruno Glockner.
- Ilona Van Roth has paid him handsomely in the past to accompany one of her retainers in procuring debts and collecting works of art for her, rarely will he leave the city for this, nor will he risk his life.
- Backgrounds: Retainer 1 (Wild boar ghoul – Gage), contacts 2 (blacksmith in Lubars, young priest), allies 1 (Hunting lodge owner), resources 2
- Sired Kord. Squats in derelict apartment complexes or factories in the Reinickendorf district.
- Lorentz has some knowledge of demonology and satanic cults and he has reason to believe that infernalism is becoming a problem in Lubars. Lentz and the Ventrue, Bruno Glockner, have agreed to keep tabs on Lubars and to not enter the region without alerting the other first. It is as close to a friendship that Lentz has in the city, and the indifferent gangrel’s loyalty to his friend would ensure his secrecy should he ever discover that Bruno is Sabatt.
- Lorentz always carries an old bible on his person and in the bible’s leather carrying case he has stowed five blessed shotgun shells.
- Gage rarely goes with Lentz into Lubars, and some nights the boar refuses to enter the area.

FULL DISCLOSURE - Gangrel Plot Devices

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