FULL DISCLOSURE - West Berlin Primogen

West Berlin Primogen:
Dieter Kotlar – Kreiger
Generation: 7th
Sire: Isabella Corelli
Dem: bravo, Nature: visionary
Abilities: S 5, D 4, S 6 – C 4, M 3, A 3 – P 2, I 2, W 4
Havens: Scattered in east and west Berlin; usually in rundown areas.
Backgrounds: allies 6 (wealthy CEOs, influential businessmen and politicians, police captains), influence 3, mentor 2, retainers 4 (Vinzenz “Vinny voltage”: Electrician and part time gang banger. Vinny acts as a torturer and interrogator for neo nazi gang. Tatto of electricy warning sign on his arm; Karsten Stolz, “Satan of the New Gestapo or SS Stolz”; Leader of the New National Socialist political party/gangleader (Blutkrieg – Nazi gang); Henrietta Berber: Banker, money manager of Final Reich funds; Slick Sibylla Densch: Lawyer, specializes in getting guilty clients released. Her firm, Luger, Petry and Densch, use questionable tactics, but so far none have been able to prove they use threats or other forms of manipulation to sway jurors and witnesses), resources 2, status 2
Virtues: Conscience 1, self-control 4, courage 4
Humanity: 4
Willpower: 8
Notes: Dieter and Wilhelm are the kindred with the most control over police in west Berlin, Dieter also has a good amount of influence in the fire dept. and the local political arena.
Dieter possesses the talent of burning wrath. He currently has no desire to share it with others for one never knows when it will be used against you. His sire taught him and he has taught no one.
Dieter owns several warehouses in the Wedding district, in one of these warehouses he stores his momentos from WWII, including an in-tact section of brick wall with a term written upon it: Aus der Traum — literally, “The dream is over”; a slogan painted by German soldiers near the end of the war expressing the surreality of their situation

Godfrey Reinbach, Gangrel

Generation: 7

Sire: Harbard

Dem: Loner, Nature: Perfectionist

Abilities: S 4, D 5, S 5 – C 2, M 4, A 2 – P 5, I 3, W 3

Skills: Alertness 4, Athletics 3, brawl 3, dodge 2, intimidation 4, leadership 2, streetwise 4, subterfuge 3,

Talents: Animal ken 5, craft (painting) 2, Etiquette 1, firearms 6, melee 5, security 3, stealth 5, survival 4

Knowledges: Academics 2, investigation 3, linguistics 3, medicine 2, occult 2, science 3

Disciplines: Animalism 4, auspex 2, celerity 2, fortitude 5, obfuscate 2, potence 2, protean 5

Backgrounds: Allies: 2 (Park and rec official, park ranger), Resources: 3, Retainer: 2 (

Virtues: conscience 2, self-control 2, courage 4

Humanity: 4

Willpower: 8

Appearance: Tall and rigid, a soldier’s posture and sternness. Square jaw, chisled features and a full, neatly groomed blonde beard. Cold and dull hazel eyes. Broad shoulders, thick limbs and short, severely cut locks of blonde hair. Usually dresses in tight fitting t-shirts either black or olive green and often wears cargo pants or fatigues with many pockets. Is rarely seen with his high-powered rifle or his old fashioned musket. Wears a black smock and a backward-turned black cap when he paints.

Notes: Just wants to be left alone, every now and then his anger gets riled and he figures he needs to put a bullet into somebody to help work out his anger and to keep these foolish licks on the defensive.

Oswald White/Aytac (The Turk)/Hans Beckert
Generation: 7th
Sire: Mr. Hyde
Dem: Jester; Nature: Architect/Bravo
Abilities: S 5, D 4, S 4 – C 4, M 6, A 4 – P 3, I 4, W 3
Backgrounds: Contacts 5 (Beat cops, gang members, the homeless, grave diggers, stock broker, tour guides)
Virtues: Conscience 4, self-control 2, courage 3
Humanity: 4
Willpower: 7
Notes: Controlling the 36 Boys, a Turkish Street gang in Kreuzberg/Serial Killer, though outwardly a friendly gentleman who abhors violence.
Hans Beckert – Serial killer. Round, unassuming man, wide eyes, usually wears common brown suits and a brown hat. Beckert is known to whistle Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King.
Aytac – Overlord of the city’s largest Turkish gang, the 36 Boys. Beckert’s murder spree has stepped up the police activities in Kreuzberg putting a severe damper on the Boys’ criminal activities. For this reason Aytac has made it a point to find the murderer and get him off the streets. The gang has between 300 and 400 members and the heart of its turf is the Tower Blocks of the Kotbusser Tor in Kreuzberg. They have a heated turf war going on with the gang Reich-Krieg based out of Wedding.
Appearance: An older white haired Turkish man, his hair is short and tight to his skull. He dresses well, finely tailored business suits but he always has accessories that are urban in nature or of his homeland. He often sports diamond studs in each ear.

Generation: 6th
Sire: Melitta Wallenberg
Dem: Plotter, Nature: Confidant
Abilities: S 4, D 3, S 7 – C 3, M 5, A 0 – P 7, I 5, W 6

Havens: Berlin’s Sewers

Backgrounds: Retainers 3 (Remus: very old Sewer-dwelling bear; Athena: Keeps records, notes, appointments, maps, etc; Quan: Vietnamese Interrogator, researcher, linguist), resources 4, status 5

Virtues: Conscience 4, self-control 1, courage 2

Humanity: 6

Willpower: 9


Generation: 8th
Sire: Jacques
Dem: praise-seeker, Nature: perfectionist
Abilities: S 2, D 2, S 3 – C 4, M 5, A 4 – P 4, I 4, W 3
Havens: Berlin film museum, Tiergarten apartment

Backgrounds: Allies 4 (President of two largest film studios, Chief editor of largest A&E paper, Person in charge of giving building permits and licenses), fame 2, resources 5,retainers 4 (Hiroto & Hikari: Japaneese twins and martial artist bodyguards and pleasure pets; Elenore Furst & Johann Diefenbacher: Government Inspectors, Intelligence agents), Herd 5 (adoring fans & admirers, film students), Status 4

Virtues: Conscience 3, self-control 4, courage 4

Humanity: 6

Willpower: 9

Architecture is Anntoinette’s passion du jour. For some reason she has developed a love for the nuances of this art and has taken to studying and including architecture in her films. She is slowly gaining influence in the city’s finer architecture firms and is keeping tabs on up and coming students with talent in this art. Unbeknownst to her, this is Johann’s subtle influence over Anntoinette – from torpor is is wielding his influence to make sure that the future image/sky-line of Berlin is to his liking.

Ipsissimus Maxwell Ldescu
Generation: 7th
Sire: Karl Schrekt
Dem: Traditionalist, Nature: Visionary
Havens: Many carefully concealed throughout Berlin
Abilities: S 4, D 4, S 4 – C 5, M 6, A 4 – P 4, I 6, W 4
Paths: Path of Blood 6, Lure of flames 5, Movement of Mind 5, Conjuring 4, Elemental Mastery 4, Weather Control 3
Backgrounds: Allies 4 (), Herd 4, Mentor 5 (Karl Schrekt), Retainers 2 (), Resources 4, Status 3
Virtues: Conscience: 1, self-control 5, courage 4
Humanity: 4
Willpower: 10

Generation: 9th
Sire: Jessica Morrow
Dem: Bon Vivant, Nature: Bon Vivant
Havens: Penthouse apartment in Charlottenberg
Abilities: S 2, D 3, S 3 – C 4, M 2, A 4 – P 2, I 2, W 4
Backgrounds: mentor 3, contacts 3(escorts, businessmen, politicians), resources 3
Virtues: Conscience 5, self-control 4, courage 3
Humanity: 8
Willpower: 6
Feeding Preference: Johns

Coterie chart:
West Berlin Primogen

Dieter Kotlar – Brujah
- Godfrey: A disinterested bad-ass. Stay clear of him or use him before anyone else does.
- Ozzy: Well-informed conniver. Needs to be silenced if he knows even half of what he pretends to know.
- Ellison: Necessary problem that will be dealt with in the future.
- Anntoinette: An influencial toy. Far too opinionated.
- Maxwell: Dangerous. Make nice and behave.
- Nichole: A childe in over her head.

Godfrey – Gangrel
- Dieter: Cocky thug.
- Ozzy: Wise ass.
- Ellison: Arrogant freak.
- Anntoinette: Snob bitch.
- Maxwell: Enlightened.
- Nichole: Loud mouth bitch.

Ozzy White – Malkavian
- Dieter: Not as dumb as he acts. Not as smart as he thinks.
- Godfrey: Too aloof to see the strings tethered to his paws.
- Ellison: The true power to be overthrown. He can be undone from within.
- Anntoinette: Should stick to making B-movies and leave the intrigue to others.
- Maxwell: Has gained much through his sire, would like to see him standing alone for once.
- Nichole: Kind of the Ventrue to give her to us for some entertainment.

Ellison – Nosferatu
- Dieter: Will eventually self-destruct.
- Godfrey: powerful wild card, but easily distracted.
- Ozzie: Has a larger part of the big picture than I would have thought.
- Anntoinette: Her naked loyalty has limited her options and effectiveness.
- Maxwell: A war with personal conflicts. Most interesting to observe.
- Nichole: “A” for effort, but she brings little else.

Anntoinette – Toreador
- Dieter: Borderline anarch. His hero-worship of Gustav is sickening.
- Godfrey: Mangy and crude. Why is he even here?
- Ozzie: Charming and amusing in a quixotic and eccentric way.
- Ellison: The pain-wracked soul of a poet.
- Maxwell: Cold, passionless and robotic. His constant mantra grows tiresome.
- Nichole: Helpful and likable, but a bit of a ditz. Why do the Ventrue display her?

Maxwell – Tremere
- Dieter: can and has been of service.
- Godfrey: Merits watching.
- Ozzy: Another childe delving into an ancient’s world.
- Ellison: Worthy of respect and full of reasons to be wary.
- Anntoinette: Too occupied with frivolity.
- Nichole: An insult.

Nichole – Ventrue
- Dieter: A voice of constant discension – I have my eyes on him.
- Godfrey: A bear of a man. Yummy.
- Ozzy: Intriguing. Very intriguing.
- Ellison: Pines for a lost love – his heart is open for occupation.
- Anntoinette: A rival for Wilhelm’s affections – even more smitten than I am. Is led too easily by her heart.
- Maxwell: Frighteningly powerful with access to even greater power.

FULL DISCLOSURE - West Berlin Primogen

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