FULL DISCLOUSE - Nosferatu Plot Devices

Nosferatu Plot Devices

Amelia –
Notes: Is trying to find Melitta, she is interested in getting her hands on any map of the sewer systems and WWII bunkers and bomb shelters. She has been working with the Tremere Erzsabet to gather old records of the sewers and subway lines, trying to piece together a map of the entire sewer system in one of her havens.

Eckhart – The Harbinger
Generation: 7
Sire: Donedonni
Dem: Curmudgeon, Nature: Bravo

- Eckhart travels Europe primarily gathering information for his sire, Dondonni, an inconnu monitor in Genoa.
- Berlin is one of the cities of particular interest, and Eckhart has a few retainers in the city and he pays it a visit often.
- Eckhart is neither kind nor compassionate. He enjoys tormenting others and making them earn any scrap of information he has to offer.
- Several of Berlin’s elders know of Eckhart and often hire him for information gathering outside of the city. He is on good terms with Rasputin, but Ellison only grudgingly tolerates him and admits to his usefulness.

Frank Litzpar
Generation: 10
Sire: Indigo
Dem: Survivor, Nature: Visionary

- Frank is on very good terms the Brujah, particularly Erika and Stefan.
- With Erika Frank is an obnoxious Nazi, with Stefan Frank is a wiley street-thief who is a valuable assistant with Stefan’s criminal enterprises in East Berlin.
- Frank considers certain slums his domain – the Brandenberg Quarter in Reinickendorf district and the back alleys of Kreuzberg are his primary stomping ground. Frank avoids the sewers as much as he can.
- Frank’s primary haven is the old Jewish cemetery in Weisensee. Ellison allows Frank this domain within his district. Frank uses two or three of the tombs or mausoleums as day-time havens.
- Frank is a bit of an anarch, highly respected by the Brujah for his willingness to oppose a ruling that he feels is unjust, or to just test the boundries. “If we don’t push the boundries, we won’t know where they are.”
- Frank is highly sought after by younger kindred because of his fair dealings and his ready access to information. He arranges meetings in graveyards and often leaves tattooed corpses where clients can find them with notes to “Meet me at the graveyard.” And “Burn after reading.”
- Frank was recently approached by a sabatt member; an effort was made to recruit the Nosferatu, but Frank jacked the guy in the face then fled, obfuscating as the pack pursued. He eventually lost them, but he is determined to get the best of the fuckers and out them.

Preki, the Goblin
Generation: 8
Sire: Eckhart

Notes: Eckhart sired the “little Asian” to keep tabs on matters in Berlin, but didn’t account for the man’s terminal shyness and fear of others. Days after his embrace Preki escaped from the airport warehouse he was being caged in and made his way underground where he made a lasting lair for himself, primarily in the tunnels beneath Schonefeld airport.
Due to Preki’s penchant of feeding on animals, many of the feral animals around the airport have contracted rabies and it is beginning to be a problem, drawing the attention of Ellison.
A few of the custodial crew and the late night workers at and around Schonefeld Airport have spotted Preki and the rumors of a “goblin” haunting the area is circulating around the nearby neighborhoods.
For his part, Eckhart has forgotten about his little mistake and no longer looks for Preki. He will, someday sire another to keep tabs on Berlin if his sire so chooses.

Generation: 9
Sire: Darvlanov
Dem: Conformist, Nature: Conformist

- Rasputin took care of two visiting Brujahs from Poland for Stefan. They had been coming to strengthen Timur’s forces. Rasputin owed Stefan the favor due to the Brujah’s covering up Gregor’s masquerade breakage.
- Sired Gregor Karlmann, primarily to look after Amelia.
- Rasputin is keeping his eyes open for any signs of Brujah trying to flee from Russia and take sanctuary in Europe. At some point he will learn of a group of Russian Brujah and Ventrue leaving Warsaw on a train bound for Berlin, and he will send young kindred to apprehend them.

Notes: Wolfgang leads the hunting party along with Mary Blake. Mary is only a part time participant and when she participates it is generally a personal score to settle. Still, she will help with planning and Auspexing and providing new hunters for Wolfgang to lead.
Wolfgang currently hunts with three young Nosferatue he has sired and two young Malkavs sired by Mary.

FULL DISCLOUSE - Nosferatu Plot Devices

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