Other Available Archetypes


Benefactor: You have a bounty of riches or some other resources which you feel compelled to share. Regain Willpower when you help someone by providing something no one else around you can.(MtSC)

Bureaucrat: You follow the rules no matter what. Regain Willpower when you solve a situation by the book, getting others around you to do so as well. (A)

Cavalier: You are the hero, the gallant defender of truth, justice, and all that is good. Regain Willpower when you accomplish a significant task for the better of the group (or the world as a whole, for that matter). (VPG2)

Crackerjack: Whatever it is you do, you’re the best, and people can’t help but be impressed. Regain Willpower whenever you pull off an impressive stunt in the face of incredible odds (this may include making a roll of 4 successes or more on something). (S)

Critic: Everything has a fault and you will find it. Regain Willpower when you point out a significant flaw in something that would have caused disaster if overlooked. (A)

Explorer: The world is full of wonder, and you’ve got to see it all. Regain Willpower when you make a significant discovery, such as finding a special place or artifact, or making a profound insight about yourself or a friend. (M, MtsC)

Follower: You’re happy to help the leaders accomplish their goals, and stabilize the group with your support. Regain Willpower when your group accomplishes something due to your support. (G)

Guardian: You have the strength, be it inner, physical, or both, to handle this hostile world, and desire to use that strength to protect the weaker folk around you. Regain Willpower when you successfully shield some worthy party from great harm. (MtsC)

Honest Abe: Honesty is the best policy; integrity is the greatest virtue. You are true to your values and to everyone around you- all the time. Regain Willpower when you remain completely honest through a situation where it seems dishonesty would have worked better-and then it turns out your way was for the best. (VPG2)

Jester: You are the fool, the comic, the smartass, always looking for the humor in a situation. Regain Willpower when you lift someone’s spirits/ease their pain with your humor. (G)

Jobsworth: A bit similar to bureaucrat, you always stick to your routine. Routine is safe and efficient. Regain Willpower when your insistence on sticking to your routine turns out for the best. (VPG2) (What an insipidly boring Nature to play…)

Optimist: You can always see that silver lining despite that icky dark cloud looming in front of it. Regain Willpower when your conviction that all will turn out for the best gets the group through-and it turns out you’re right! (VPG2)

Poltroon: Running away may be cowardly, but you’re alive, aren’t you? Why deal with something potentially unpleasant and possibly fatal when you can just avoid it? Regain Willpower when you manage to escape a particularly nasty situation without having to deal with it at all. (VPG2)

Predator: The fittest survive, and you’re pretty damn fit. Regain Willpower when you single-handedly hunt and kill another creature to ensure your survival. (WPG2)

Revolutionary: You hold freedom dearly and desire justice, and will do whatever is necessary to hold on to these precious liberties. Unlike the Rebel, your urge is not to resist ALL authority, but rather to fight corruption in the system where you find it. Regain Willpower when your questioning or resisting leadership or the status quo turns out to be best for you/your party/or those you are trying to protect. (Original; created for my Exalted character)

Rogue: Screw the world! You do what you need to look out for yourself and get done what has to get done. If someone else suffers in the process, that’s just too bad. Regain Willpower when your self-centered methods gain you something of significant value. (M3)

Sensualist: Sensation is your addiction, and you’ll do anything to experience a new one. Regain Willpower when you experience a new, exciting sensation and live to tell about it. (S)

Trickster: Your antics do more than amuse; your pranks and tricks have a point of teaching someone a lesson, or humorously but deftly reveal some wisdom. Regain Willpower when your acts reveal wisdom that would not have been realized by more traditional means. (M:tSC, which does not describe a Willpower award, so I had to make one up.)

Waif: Whether you are or not, you have the appearance of being innocent and weak, and you haven’t quite learned to act on your own without relying on others’ pity. Regain Willpower when you accomplish something important without anyone’s help. (MtSC)

Wanderer: Settling down just is not your thing-whether you’re running away from something or simply longing to see new places, the road is your home. Regain Willpower when you complete your purpose in one place and move on, leaving no loose ends or attachments behind. (M)

Other Available Archetypes

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